As the mangafox forums seems to be quite unstable at times, I’ve decided to move some of the content I’ve created there for the Kingdom community over here. I will be updating both my thread in mangafox and over here. This page will contain the contents to the original “The Ultimate Facts Thread on Kingdom Characters ” created by me(King Magax) and several other mangafox forum users including SuryaNaga, DarkLordOfKichiku and fullblue. The mangafox links below will be replaced with the wordpress links gradually as i move the content over here. This is just a safety precaution for all the work we’ve put in in case anything major happens over at the mangafox forums. If you are new and have no idea what im talking about regarding all the mangafox stuff, don’t worry and just stick to this page if you are a Kingdom fan and link the content. I will update this page as frequently as i can.

As suggested by SuryaNaga, we are making a thread on historical facts about characters and events in Kingdom. We will be comparing characters and events in the Kingdom manga with what was recorded in the history books(as much as we know). This thread will contain mainly information on characters, both real and fictitious, in Kingdom while we will (hopefully) make another thread on events. This will hopefully answer questions that you guys might have, bust some myths, and increase your overall interest in this manga. Since we are merely history enthusiasts and not a history professor or anything, do feel free to contribute and/or point out any mistakes here. I will be using the character’s pinyin names as I am more familiar with them but their Japanese names will be there under the character’s “Name” section for easy reference.

This thread will be updated periodically as it is impossible to post everything in 1 day due to the huge number of characters that appeared in the story. Only major/semi-major/significant characters will be included in this thread but there will be exceptions to some minor/semi-minor characters who existed in history and will play a significant role in the future of the manga. Most of my information here will be taken from ShiJi(史记), a historical book written by a historian Sima Qian in the Han dynasty(202BC-220AD), recording a 3000+ year history from the times of the legendary Yellow Emperor(黄帝) all the way to the time he finished this book at around 90BC.

For searching, Ctrl+F and enter the name you are searching for. If we’ve done a post on the character, it will appear in the contents of this post. Then click on the link and you will be brought to the post. If you are searching for members of the 6 great generals, the 3 great heavens or the 4 pillars of Ryofui/Lu Bu Wei they are grouped in 1 post with the name of their group(6 great generals/3 great heavens/4 pillars)


Useful links:
Official Guidebook
Official Guidebook 2
Chinese Kingdom tieba forums(where most of my information came from)
Kingdom Raws(Volume 23 onwards)
Kingdom Raws in Chinese(up to latest chapter)
Character names in Japanese and Chinese (By Turnip Farmers)
Timeline of events

Note: Unlike Westerners, Chinese have their family name before their given name. So for example, Barack Obama would instead be named Obama Barack if he is a Chinese.
Intro+Contents: This Post
Ei Sei/Ying Zheng
Ka RyoTen/He Liao Diao
Kyo Kai/Qiang Lei
Ryo Fui/Lu BuWei and his 4 pillars
Sho Bun Kun/Lord ChangWen+Heki/Bi
Sei Kyou/Cheng Jiao
Ketsu And Mr. Shi/Jie Shi and Si Shi
The 6 Great Generals of Qin
Yotanwa/Yang Duan He and her men
Duke Hyou/Lord Biao
Ouhon and Mouten/Wang Ben and Meng Tian
Mou Gou/Meng Ao
Ou Sen/Wang Jian and Kan Ki/Huan Qi
Chou Tou/Zhang Tang
Chou Tomo/Zhao Ji(Queen Mother/Queen Dowager), Rou Ai/Lao Ai and Chou Kou/Zhao Gao
Duke of Juuteki/Duke Rong Di and Han O Ki/Fan Yu Qi
3 Great Heavens, New 3 Great Heavens, King WuLing of Zhao, King DaoXiang of Zhao and Zhao Kuo
King Sen of Zhao/King Qian of Zhao
Gi Ka/Wei Jia, Fuu Ki/Feng Ji, Shou Mou/She Meng, Chou Sou/Zhao Zhuang, Ri Haku/Li Bai and Man Goku/Wan Ji
Kei Sha/Qing She, Fu Tei/Fu Di and Gaku Jou/Yue Sheng
You Ka/Yao Jia and Kaku Kai/Guo Kai
Shiba Shou/Sima Shang
Crown Prince Ka of Zhao/Crown Prince Jia of Zhao
Ko Chou/Hu Zhe
Note: Ki Sui/Ji Hui is a fictional character
Go Kei/Wu Qing and Go Hou Mei/Wu Feng Ming
Note: The Wei Fire Dragons are all fictional characters.
King Zhao of Yan, Gaku Ki/Yue Yi and Guo Wei
Kei Ka/Jin Ke(yet to appear in the manga)
Geki Shin/Ju Xin
King KaoLie, Rinbukun/Lord LinWu and Kan Mei/Han Ming
Ri En/Li Yuan
Note: Ka Rin/Wa Lin is a fictional chacracter.
Kou Shou/Hou Sheng

Four Lords of The Warring States
The Barbarians of Ancient China

Difference of Ancient Chinese Ancestral names(姓) and Clan names(氏)
List of Ancestral and Clan names(by fullblue)
Difference of Ancient Chinese Personal names(名) and Courtesy names(字)
Translation of “An Investigation on Qin General Li Xin”

Original Thread from mangafox here: The Ultimate Facts Thread on Kingdom Characters 

3 thoughts on “Kingdom-pedia

  1. […] Kingdom, a historical manga, which is about the first king who considered China’s unification, which resulted in many military campaigns and countless deaths. But it was the ‘War of Changping’ that shocked me the most. Qin killed and buried 4.5 thousand people during this war, sparing only 240 children to instill fear of Qin. I would never have discovered this piece of history if it hadn’t been for this manga. […]


  2. Kouyoku is Xiang Yi so he’s most likely related to Great General Kou’en who is probably Xiang Yan. He’s too old to be Xiang Yu though, and has a different name so it makes one wonder what his relationship is.

    It makes sense how he has a historical treasure with this coming into light.


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