Kingdom Random Facts

Random facts of Kingdom manga and its author:

  • The manga was first serialized in 2006 in Young Jump magazine and ended up becoming the most popular manga of the said magazine until today.
  • Mr. Hara Yasuhisa (原泰久) was not an artist initially and learned everything from scratch.
  • Some time after Kingdom started serializing, he went to seek some adivce from Takehiko Inoue, well known for drawing the popular manga Slam Dunk. If you compare the art style from the first few volumes of Kingdom(and the 2 one-shots) with the later chapters/volumes, you can see that the art style differs.
  • The two one-shots, Li Mu and Meng Wu and Chu Zi, were drawn before the main story of Kingdom we see today and were the reason that landed the opportunity for Hara Yasuhisa to serialize Kingdom.
  • There were in fact 2 other one-shots, one depicting the story of the 300 Horse and Wine Soldiers and the other of unknown content but they were lost in time(i.e. can’t be found on the internet), probably because they were drawn before fast internet became popular. These 2 one-shots were drawn before Li Mu and Meng Wu and Chu Zi.
  • Kingdom is scheduled to end with the unification of China. Therefore we will not see the fall of the Qin empire in this manga.
  • The story of Kingdom is based on records of Shi Ji, a historical record written and compiled in the Han* dynasty by Sima Qian, keeping records of events that happened from the time of the Yellow Emperor to the time of Emperor Wu of Han, a total of 3000+ years of history. However, records from other reliable historical sources such as Zhan Guo Ce were also used when necessary.
  • As of now(and probably the future), all events in Kingdom adhere to the recorded history within the books. Due to the lack of details in these records, much of the details of these events in the Kingdom universe were made up by the author. However, all events within the manga end up matching the actual recorded history as the author will usually quote the relevant historical records at the end of every arc.
  • Hara Yasuhisa won the 17th Tezuka Osamu Cultural Award in 2013, beating other popular titles such as Gin no Saji and bagging the prize money of 2 million yen. (
  • As of 10 July 2015, Chapter 438 marks the halfway point of Kingdom. According to Hara Yasuhisa’s latest tweet, with the conclusion of the Rao Ai’s rebellion arc, Qin has achieved unification within the state.
  • Kingdom is scheduled to end around Volume 100, said Mr Hara on 8th October 2015 according to this news post.
  • Kingdom has 20 million copies of manga in print as of 19th Oct 2015! To celebrate this, the first chapter of Kingdom was printed on Sunday’s(18th Oct 2015) issue of the Asahi Shimbun newspaper’s morning edition. News here. Photo of the 4 page spread of Kingdom chapter 1 on Asahi Shimbun here.
  • In light of the Apr 2016 Kumamoto earthquake in Japan, Mr Hara drew something for the victims of the earthquake here.

*Han(汉) is not to be confused with the state of Han(韩). It is the dynasty that was built just after the fall of Qin.


2 thoughts on “Kingdom Random Facts

  1. I understand that Kingdom is more than halfway done. But up till now (Dec 2017), Qin has yet to conquer any other kingdoms, and Li Mu is just spawning more big shots generals into the field. Is Mr Hara-san reconsidering lengthening the manga?

    Is there any english translation of the Shi Ji, you would recommend?


    • In fact the “ending Kingdom at 1000 chapters” comment by Hara was just an estimation by him. Even he has no idea how long will the manga be in the end.

      For Shiji, there isn’t really a good online english source that I know of. You can find a few of Shiji’s chapters translated at but the chapters are mostly untranslated. I would recommend looking for the translated Shiji book in a library.


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