Ouhon and Mouten/Wang Ben and Meng Tian

Ouhon/Wang Ben

Ouhon in Kingdom Guidebook 2


Japanese/Chinese: 王贲

Japanese Pronunciation: Ou Hon

Chinese Pronunciation: Wang Ben

Ben is pronounced the same way as “earn” without the “r” sound.

2.Activities in History 

Wang Ben is an important general in Qin’s unification of China. It is not an exaggeration to say that the Qin empire was built by the Wang family(Wang Jian and Wang Ben).

21st year(of Ying Zheng’s reign), Wang Ben attacked Jing(a castle of Chu). 
22nd year, Wang Ben attacked Wei. He directed the river water into the Wei capital of Da Liang and flooded it. The king of Wei surrendered and the remaining lands of Wei were handed over to Qin. 
25th year, General Wang Ben led a large army to attacked the Liao Dong region of Yan, capturing King Xi of Yan. Later, he led the same army to invade Dai(a new state founded by the crown prince of the now non-existent Zhao), capturing King Jia of Dai. 
26th year, King Jian of Qi and his prime minster, Hou Sheng, stationed the Qi army near their western border to stop the Qin army. Instead of fighting the Qi army head-on, the king of Qin commanded Wang Ben to invade Qi from the southern border of the old Yan state, capturing King Jian of Qi.

After the unification, the king of Qin declared himself the emperor……rewarded Wang Ben with the title of Count Tong Wu……

Wikipedia page on the unification war(ctrl+f “wang ben”):http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Qin%27s…of_unification
3.Other Facts

Despite the countless achievements Wang Ben and his dad Wang Jian had, Wang Li, Wang Ben’s son, was the last Qin general who defended the capital with his life and was killed by Xiang Yu in the end, marking the end of the brief 15-year Qin dynasty

Mouten/Meng Tian


Mouten in Kingdom Guidebook 2


Japanese/Chinese: 蒙恬

Japanese Pronunciation: Mou Ten

Chinese Pronunciation: Meng Tian

He is the grandson of Meng Ao, son of Meng Wu and older brother of Meng Yi. The Meng family has served multiple Qin kings ever since Meng Ao left Qi to Qin during the time of King Zhao Xiang.

2.Activities in History

Meng Tian, a descendant of the Meng warrior family, is one of the more famous generals of his time. He has plenty of achievements, from before and after unification but suffered a tragic death in the end thanks to Zhao Gao and Li Si who plotted to get rid of the crown prince Ying FuSu and the men from his faction, including Meng Tian and his brother Meng Yi.

Wikipedia article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meng_Tian

Meng Tian first appeared(chronologically) in the in the invasion of Chu. According to ShiJi: Biography of Bai Qi and Wang Jian:

李信攻平与,蒙恬攻寝,大破荆军。信又攻鄢郢,破之,於是引兵而西,与蒙恬会城父。荆人因随之,三日三夜不 顿舍,大破李信军,入两壁,杀七都尉,秦军走。
Li Xin attacked Ping Yu while Meng Tian attacked Qin(a name of a castle in Chu), defeating the Chu army in both castles. Xin then attacked Yan and Ying, successfully capturing the castles. He then led his army west to meet up with Meng Tian in Cheng Fu. The soldiers of Chu were secretly following the Qin army and for 3 days and 3 nights. The Chu men defeated the Qin army led by Li Xin, killing 7 of his lieutenants in the process and forcing the Qin army to retreat.

According to Shi Ji: Biography of Meng Tian
26th year of the First Emperor, Meng Tian was rewarded the post of governer(same as Teng) for his family’s achievements over the years and his participation in conquering Qi.

秦已并天下,乃使蒙恬将三十万众北逐戎狄,收河南。筑长城,因地形,用制险塞,起临洮,至辽东,延袤万馀里 。于是渡河,据阳山,逶蛇而北。暴师於外十馀年,居上郡。是时蒙恬威振匈奴。始皇甚尊宠蒙氏,信任贤之。而 亲近蒙毅,位至上卿,出则参乘,入则御前。恬任外事而毅常为内谋,名为忠信,故虽诸将相莫敢与 之争焉
After the unification, Meng Tian was instructed to attack the barbarians to the north with 300000 soldiers to facilitate the construction of the Great Wall. Meng Tian’s name was feared by the Xiong Nu(the barbarians to the north). With this, Qin Shi Huang placed great trust in the Meng family. He also gave Meng Yi an important post in court. Meng Tian was responsible with the external affairs(i.e. military) while Meng Yi was responsible for the internal affairs.

The rest of the Shi Ji: Biography of Meng Tian introduces Zhao Gao, the eunuch responsible for the fall of Qin and how he killed Meng Tian and Meng Yi in order to get rid of crown prince Ying FuSu’s faction and make his puppet, Ying HuHai the emperor. A brief summary of the story is as follow:
210BC, Ying Zheng was touring the country and he was critically ill. Meng Yi was sent to inform the crown prince and Meng Tian, who were both elsewhere, on this matter. Ying Zheng died before the information was passed to them but this information was only known to Zhao Gao, Ying Zheng’s most trusted servant, and Li Si. As no one else knew of the emperor’s death, Zhao Gao used the emperor’s seal to make a decree, accusing Meng Tian and FuSu for crimes they did not commit and forced them to commit suicide. With the FuSu faction out of the way, he then made a fake will stating that the next emperor shall be Ying HuHai. With the will in hand, he announced the death of the emperor to the world and successfully made his puppet, Ying HuHai, the new emperor.

Source: http://baike.baidu.com/view/795637.htm

As contributed by ampboring, here is a full translation of Meng Tian’s biography in ShiJi: http://www.polonews.info/documenti_o…%20qian_88.pdf

Interesting Stuff
Regarding the first invasion of Chu with Li Xin, some sources stated that it was Meng Wu instead of Meng Tian who followed Li Xin in that battle. I personally believe it was Meng Tian as I believe Ying Zheng wanted to give the younger generation of Qin generals a chance to gain some experience in that paticular invasion. This was also his one of his reasons for choosing Li Xin instead of the much more experienced Wang Jian in the first place.

If Li Xin, Meng Tian and Wang Ben did indeed compete to become the greatest general under the heavens, i think Meng Tian would have won if we look at actual history. Both Li Xin’s and Wang Ben’s name disappeared from history after unification and were only mentioned when their descendants(Li Guang and Wang Li respectively) appear in history.


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