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Hello! Many of you know me as King Magax from the Kingdom section of the mangafox forums. I mainly do summaries on the latest Kingdom chapters based on Chinese translations as well as research and translate historical information on the Era of the Warring states that Kingdom is based on.

If you are a fan of the Kingdom manga like me, which is most probably why you are here, feel free to explore this site and learn more! Do note that you might encounter historical spoilers for Kingdom around this site.

Here are some pages on this site I would recommend:

  • Kingdom-pedia: Historical facts on Kingdom characters and storyline (SPOILERS)
  • Kingdom Guidebook 2: The second official Kingdom guidebook
  • Kingdom Guidebook 3: The third and latest Kingdom guidebook. (Working in progress)
  • An Investigation of Qin General, Li Xin: A translation of an academic journal article on Kingdom’s main character in China’s history (SPOILERS)
  • Timeline of Kingdom Events: A timeline of events from the first year Ei Sei/Ying Zheng became king up till unification of China. Useful for comparing with the manga events and predicting future events. (SPOILERS)
  • Kingdom one-shots: Two of the one-shots done by Hara-sensei on the background stories of three of Kingdom’s characters. (SPOILERS)
  • Misc. Kingdom Stuff : Everything else about Kingdom you might not know of. Including interviews with Hara-sensei, promotional works, random facts etc.

If you have anything to tell me, including feedbacks, fixing dead links, updating of information or pretty much anything at all, feel free to drop a comment or type it in the chat on the right sidebar!


2 August 21
– Quick update. My PC is down. Updates will be slower/delayed till mid August when i get a new one. Translation is still being done in the back end though.

25 July 21
-Started my work on Kingdom Guidebook 3. Will be updating it for next weeks and months.

20 July 21
-Just received by Guidebook today! I will be posting the contents over the next few weeks but it will probably take months to finish the entire book since I am usually busy. I have compiled the stats from the new guidebook in a google spreadsheet here for now.

9 July 21
– Just pre-ordered the third Kingdom Guidebook on Amazon Japan. Should receive it at the end of July and will update here with the pics.

– Updated part 2 of the visual guidebook for the Kingdom Shin Exhibition at Mori Museum in Ueno. Thanks to u/RPO777 again for the translation! You can find part 2 at the same post here at the bottom below part 1

5 June 21
– A recent interview with Inoue Takehiko and Hara Yasuhisa, published in the visual guidebook for the Kingdom Shin Exhibition at Mori Museum in Ueno, was translated by u/RPO777. I have created a new post about it here with his translation.

3 June 21
– Good news! Reddit user u/RPO777 has offered to help with the translation of the Kingdom Guidebook 2. Really glad to have him on board with this project. It is currently in the works and his high quality translation will be updated regularly.
– Kingdom Guidebook 3 has been confirmed to be releasing on 18 July 2021! I will try to get my hands on a copy of the Guidebook, upload the images and have u/RPO777 translate it as well.

10 May 21
– Smallish much overdue minor update. Added the links to the raws of “Kongo” and “Horse and Wine for 300 Soldiers” to the Kingdom one-shot page.

94 thoughts on “About this site & Updates

    • Fortunately I am doing ok with at least a stable income and a healthy body despite the chaos around the world.

      The article seems largely true except the following:
      – I don’t think Wang Jian’s origin was mentioned anywhere. I could be wrong but his first appearance was his victory at Ye (Gyou). The paragraph about his early life and assisting the Qin king and Fan Ju was not recorded in Shiji and I would be happy to read the sources about this
      -We have little to no info about Wang Jian and Wang Ben post-unification. Last I know is that Wang Jian and Meng Wu went south to fight the southern barbarian tribes. They could have resigned or may have just been forgotten in history due to the lack of wars. We do know that Wang Jian’s grandson Wang Li was defeated by the rebel army near the end of the Qin dynasty.


  1. Hey Magax, how you’ve been?

    Its Ascot from TMF, anyway the forum is still down so I wonder if you know of any alternative for me to follow the releases and discussions like another forum or discord server.

    Thanks anyway, great job as always!


  2. Do you know more about Qin and Wei vs Chu in 235? Ive read online that Chu won and that Qin was lead by general Xin Wu (no idea who it is)?


    • I know about Qin-Wei war against Chu but I dont think there is any record of who won the war. Xin Wu’s name is only recorded in a book that was discovered recently in a dig site. I doubt Hara will pick up this name since there may not even be Japanese translation of that book. There were no record of Xin Wu’s name in the other major records like Zhan Guo Ce or Shi Ji


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