About and Page Update Logs

Hello! Many of you know me as King Magax from the Kingdom section of the mangafox forums.

Welcome to my website where i publish weekly summaries of the latest Kingdom manga chapter before the English release in the summaries page.

Most of the characters in Kingdom are based on actual historical figures and I have compiled all their information here for easy reference. If you are interested in any Kingdom character’s background information, do feel free to take a look in the historical information page.

If you have any suggestion on how to improve this website, do tell me as I am still new to this and I aim to make this site as easy to navigate as possible.

Also, if you have any questions about anything or encounter any dead links, do feel free to write something about it in the comments section of the relevant page or this page. I will try my best to reply as soon as possible


6 Jan 2017:

  • Sorry for the lack of updates again…there are too many things happening in my life recently and the slow update of Kingdom isn’t helping as well. I will try my best to update if i can find some time in my schedule to do so.

21 Dec 2016:

  • Apologies for the lack of updates in a while. I was back from my trip and was slightly busy with life. Still no spoilers for the 500th Chapter of Kingdom. There is a mini spoiler here which shows the extra colored pages to be published in Young Jump with Kingdom tomorrow.

10 Dec 2016:

  • Ch499 Spoilers! Look who has finally gained enough level to weild a new weapon!

7 Dec 2016:

  • I will be overseas till 14 Dec. I will still try to update when i get any news of the spoilers.

26 Nov 2016:

  • Reminder that Kingdom is on a 2 week break. The next spoiler is scheduled to be out on 10 Dec.

24 Nov 2016:

  • Small update: I am busy playing Pokemon Sun currently. Since there will not be a chapter in the next 2 weeks, my updates will be slower. I will still try to catch up with the summary if I feel like it.

19 Nov 2016:

  • Busy playing Pokemon and is slacking on the catching up of summaries. Anyway, Spoilers for Ch498 is out! With so many generals involved, the next war is going to be huge!

15 Nov 2016:

  • Still having crappy internet connection but i manage to finish a Summary of Ch 490. Got carried away with the footnote and accidentally wrote a brief summary of the history of Zhou dynasty and how it escalated into the Warring States era we see in Kingdom.

13 Nov 2016:

12 Nov 2016:

11 Nov 2016:

  • Internet finally fixed. Will do some updates later today.
  • Ch488 Summary done. 8 more chapters to go. Qi’s “surrender” in this chapter could means a slightly different ending to Kingdom.

50 thoughts on “About and Page Update Logs

  1. Having read this I thought it was very enlightening.
    I appreciate you taking the time and energy to put this
    content together. I once again find myself spending a significant amount of time both reading and leaving comments.
    But so what, it was still worth it!


  2. hey. it’s been long since you even coughed live alone updating. are you still caught up or did you give up on the page all together?


  3. This blog is dead.. the guy who made it did a great job i give him that, but that’s his limit, many of us couldn’t handle two thing at the same time for long that’s the life, but it’s a bad thing to see such website dies….


  4. hey king, glad to see you come back..can’t wait to read your in depth summaries on recent chapters again. It is always enlightening to me. And also, I think it’s better to make newest comment on the top so we haven’t to scroll down to the bottom page. thanks.


    • If they are going to make season 3 the way the made the last 2, i’d rather they forget about it. The last 2 seasons were bad not because of budget but partly due to NHK restrictions resulting in all the censorship. If you noticed, the voice actors lineup consists of all the famous names and i doubt they are cheap.


      • Haha totally agree with you on the censorship part. The funniest part was when Renpa got a clear hit with a glaive to Mougo’s unarmored arm and Mougo’s arm just broke haha. And the CGI man. The goddamn cheapass CGI. If I’m not wrong anime studios use cheapass CGIs with poor animations to save money. Or they might’ve used it to hurry up their production or something like that.


  5. Thank you so much for your contribution. I just finish watch video live action on your site, i pee myself a little… damnn it was soo cooool .. kakui ..

    As always , stay safe and keep posting awesome stuff . Looking forward to read from your site


  6. Bon Voyage man and thanks for your work.
    Where is Rai Do haven’t seen him in a while. Maybe kanki still has something up his sleeves.


  7. My king… Are you alright?

    The farmer of turnips has released their translation of chapter 468 and here we are still waiting for your routine resume on the same chapter.

    I hope you are just busy in your daily-life.. Be healthy, man!


  8. It will be nice to just translate the important parts. .
    経験値 : A
    武力 : 70
    指揮力 : 88
    知力 : 95
    史記とのギャップ : 99

    経験値 : C
    武力 : 70
    指揮力 : 70
    知力 : 68
    出っ歯 : 100
    i really wish to know who is this two “the names”

    and thank very much.


    • first guy is Rien, the guy who planned the assassination of Shushinkun from Chu. He is now the prime minster of Chu with Karin. You can find him in the chapters just after the end of Rao Ai’s rebellion arc.

      Second guy is Bihei.


    • i think the chances are low. His role is probably to portrait the “good” in the antagonist state, as opposed to Kanki who is the “evil” in the protagonist state. I think his death coupled with Kanki destroying Rigan will do that perfectly.


  9. Hey King, I was reading the timeline and it never says who conquer Chu! All it says is that a Qin army conquer the Chu capital and defeated a Chu army in year after Ousen defeated a Chu army. Do you think Shin and the Hi Shin Unit conquer Chu for revenge for there previous loss!?


  10. I have tried to locate the post but still haven’t found it. I don’t know if this is a spoiler, but in history was he revered the same way as riboku, renpa, ousen & hakuki?
    btw is it only me or has mangafox forums been taken to the dogs . nowadays its barely online


    • Riboku, renpa, ousen & hakuki are collectively known as the 4 famous generals of the warring states by scholars and Kouen is not within them. In fact, Kouen/Xiang Yan is not as well known as, or in fact more of overshadowed by, his grandson, Xiang Yu(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xiang_Yu). He is deemed as a legendary class general in Kingdom purely because of what happened during Qin’s invasion of Chu in the future. Also, each of the 6 rival states in Kingdom is meant to have a “final boss(es)” to spice things up for the manga. Kouen(Chu), 3 GH(Zhao), GHM(Wei), Crown Prince Dan(Yan)(yet to appear). Qi and Han, the 2 weakest states, has yet to reveal their “final boss” yet.

      The instability of mangafox forums is the reason why I started this site in the first place, so that my work there wont disappear if it ever goes down permanently. It just goes down randomly and takes days to get fixed when it does. Most of the things I contributed there can be found here so if the forum is down, just come here.


  11. I have a question king. I don’t know if its the right place to ask but how come the strongest general in chu was not heard of as much as the likes of renpa and ousen yet in the manga he is portrayed in such a magnanimous manner?


    • Not sure if you read about Xiang Yan/Kouen, the strongest general of Chu from the facts i posted here so i guess i wont spoil you(and whoever else is reading this). Since he will be really important in the future of Kingdom, I am guessing Mr Hara is saving the hype up for the future arcs by not revealing too much about him yet. Even Ousen, the general who will be the single most important general in the future is not as hyped up as Moubu and Kanki now. I am sure the time will come when the epicness of Kouen and Ousen will come to the spotlight as history dictates it but for now Mr Hara plans to put more focus on generals who will get less spotlight in the future so when Ousen or Kouen is in the spotlight, they will be portrayed as another level beyond these current generals, making them seem more epic.

      Liked by 1 person

  12. Hey King, I was just wonderinf if you play or are planning to play the elder scrolls online, seems like something you would do haha.


    • Well i would if it was free to play. Moreover, it isn’t really very popular among my friends so I probably wouldn’t play it anyway. I do play some skyrim when I’m free though.


  13. Hey King, the reason I read mangafox forum is because you’re there providing so much valuable informations. But it is difficult and annoying for me as my internet service provider sometimes blocked it at the critical time (sunday-monday). But right now I’m glad that you’re also posting the summary on this site. Now, I’ll be able to read your great summaries without worry. Thanks a lot.

    Samson 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  14. The main reason I open that forum is because you are there. Now you are here and I follow you here.

    Your gentle and scholarly attitude, as Hayek says, in the forum is an exemplar. It is not a praise, but it is a salutation from me.

    You and Turnip Farmers group are awesome, thanks a lot!

    Liked by 1 person

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