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Hello! Many of you know me as King Magax from the Kingdom section of the mangafox forums. I mainly do summaries on the latest Kingdom chapters based on Chinese translations as well as research and translate historical information on the Era of the Warring states that Kingdom is based on.

If you are a fan of the Kingdom manga like me, which is most probably why you are here, feel free to explore this site and learn more! Do note that you might encounter historical spoilers for Kingdom around this site.

Here are some pages on this site I would recommend:

If you have anything to tell me, including feedbacks, fixing dead links, updating of information or pretty much anything at all, feel free to drop a comment or type it in the chat on the right sidebar!


(26 Oct 17) I am looking for someone who can understand Japanese to help translate the massive walls of informative text for Chapter 3 of the guidebook which features 2 interviews with Mr Hara and character design insights of nearly every major/semi-major Kingdom characters. Drop me a comment if you would like to help!

(7 Nov 17)Added a chat function at the sidebar. Feel free to use it!


21 May 18
Ch 559 Korean out! Akou is safe as expected. Akakin to the rescue! I can see Akakin becoming an important side character in the future.

16 May 18
– Sorry for the late update. Really tired and busy lately to do my own stuff…Anyway Kingdom 558 is out in English already! Pretty fast translation this week. Akou seems to be in danger but not dead at the end so I doubt he will actually die like Makou.

7 May 18
Ch557 Korean is out! Zhao seems to have the upper hand…for now…

23 Apr 18
– I am busy with work lately and have very limited time to update the site. Anyway, Kingdom 556 is out in Korean with a summary posted on r/Kingdom. I have consolidated the Korean chapter link and summary here. I am almost certain that Gakuei will die soon but Riboku will also outsmart Akou in this battle unless Ousen makes a move as well.

-Also, Kingdom is on a one week break next week due to Golden Week in Japan.

16 Apr 18
Ch555 is out in Korean! Some talk by Kanki and back to Ousen’s battlefield.

14 Apr 18
– Kingdom live action movie cast revealed! I have updated the post here. Disappointingly, from the cast, it seems like it is going to be based on the first arc of the manga as expected. This means there will be no major wars in the movie.

9 Apr 18
Korean Ch554 is out! Can’t understand a single word but the action is definitely starting.

-Found a translation of the chapter from Kingdom subreddit and copy/pasted it here. Original thread can be found here. Feel free to visit the subreddit and discuss with your fellow Kingdom fans!

2 Apr 18
-Korean Ch553 is out after a week’s break! More talking and building hype but it seems the war is finally continuing next chapter.


76 thoughts on “About this site & Updates

    • I do vaguely remember a Qi general defecting to Zhao later. A couple of Qi generals were also mentioned when the coalition army turned around to attack Qi. However, historically, there were no wars involving Qi at this period so I think the chances of seeing a Qi general in combat is low.


      • Damn I’m hoping to see some in action and Qi itself in a battle how would you feel about mr. Hara Making up a battle like the one with the fire dragons instead this one will be with Qi and another state attacking them and qin having to pray for their victory this would give him alot of creative freedom since it would be a made up battle I wouldn’t mind him going away from shin and qin for a couple chapters to see a battle between Qi and another state what do you think.?


      • I am pretty sure Qin will not attack Qi before the final war after the meeting between the 2 kings. For the other states, I am pretty sure after the coalition war, most of them would have their eyes on Qin instead of wasting resources to attack Qi. If any state were to somehow attack Qi for a fictional war, it would be Yan as they are quite unpredictable from their surprise attack to Zhao in the latest arc with no provocation. All in all, my opinion is that the chances that we see Qi in a war is pretty low but not totally impossible.


  1. Hasn’t anyone questioned the inaccuracies of sima qian historical facts. Its well known the Chinese historians overwritten past accomplishments or paint them in a negative light. I find it very troubling when you say Li Xin was an amateur general and overconfident during the war with Chu but never questioned why he was put in charge of the army in the first place if he wasn’t so accomplished.


    • While there are a few pre-Qin era historical records(such as Zuo Zhuan and Zhan Guo Ce), Shiji is the only surviving history records that has the most details of the pre-Qin era and is the only one recording the history of the later parts of the era of the warring states thanks to Qin Shi Huang burning books during his reign. There really isn’t much to cross reference for its accuracy.
      For Li Xin, he was appointed as general to lead the Qin army to invade Chu based on his accomplishment in Yan where he captured the Yan crown prince and conquered half of its territory for Qin. This can be found in different chapters of Shiji as well. His loss was magnified by the fact that Sima Qian spent an entire paragraph to write about the Chu invasion in Wang Jian’s biography as compared to one-liners in other chapters mentioning Li Xin’s victories in other wars. I did mention them all in Li Xin’s post and the article here did some justice for him as well.


  2. Hey King, there’s something I want to ask you. One thing I came across somewhere is that apparently Chou Haku, that Zhao General who’s in charge of the eastern border that Riboku sent to take two cities
    belonging to Yan when Ordo was invading, is Zhao Cong. Is that information something you are able to verify?


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