Kingdom Live Action Movie

Yes, you read it right, the live action movie of Kingdom was announced on 21 December 2017 on Weekly Bunshun, a Japanese Magazine. Screenshot of the news article on Weekly Bunshun below: DRwQJr-WsAACkpK.jpg

As far as we know, there isn’t much news on the live action movie other than Shin is played by Kento Yamazaki, who also played Shin in the 3 minute live action short celebrating Kingdom’s 10th anniversary last year, which was filmed in Hengdian World Studios in China, a place where many Chinese historical films are filmed at. Kento Yamazaki is also best known for his role as “L” in Death Note.

As we do not know anything else about the movie, let’s assume that the cast and crew is the same as the ones used in the 10th anniversary short, Kyokai’s actor would be Chihiro Yamamoto and Houken’s actor would be Kenji Gojo. Sei would be played by a Chinese actor as seen in this tieba post and the crew would be both Japanese and Chinese. The setting, hopefully, is set at the battle of Sai just like the setting in the short video so we don’t have to go through the first arc which contains little to no battles or wars.
(See below for the cast of the Kingdom movie)

Let’s hope the is good and not as disappointing as many recent live action adaptations of mangas. There are many high quality Chinese war movies such as Red Cliff and Hero and let’s hope that Kingdom’s quality matches those.

Update 14 Apr 2018:
Kingdom Live Action movie cast revealed (

Kingdom movie cast

Update 22 July 2018:
According to Hara’s words at the end of Vol51, we got some new information on the movie:
-It is confirmed that the movie is being filmed in both China and Japan. Hara had also visited both filming locations.
-The filming of the movie had been concluded and they are having a celebration soon.
-There are also some leaked photos from the set secretly took by one of the extras. The photos can be found here:

Update 8 Nov 2018:
Official trailer is out(for a month now)! Movie will be out on 19 April 2019! HYPE! Watch the trailer and some behind the scenes in the video below!

I will update this post as we get more details about the movie in the future.

Kingdom 10th anniversary video and my break down of the video


4 thoughts on “Kingdom Live Action Movie

  1. Yes and that’s quite disappointing to me since the first arc isn’t the most interesting arc and does not showcase the strengths of the manga such as the large scale wars.


  2. just by looking at the cast and the characters they will perform as, you can tell that it it going to be the first arc of the manga the movie is going to be about.


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