Ou Sen/Wang Jian and Kan Ki/Huan Qi

Ou Sen/Wang Jian


Ousen in Kingdom Guidebook 2


Japanese/Chinese: 王翦

Japanese Pronunciation: Ou Sen

Chinese Pronunciation: Wang Jian

Not to be mistaken for Ou Ki/Wang Qi. For more info, refer to this thread: Facts about everyone’s favourite Great General in Kingdom: Ouki/Wang Qi

2.Activities in History

Wang Jian is one of the most famous general of his time and regarded as one of the 4 best generals of the Era of the Warring States(戰國時代) in China together with Lian Po, Bai Qi and Li Mu. Sima Qian, author of ShiJi, made him an equal to Bai Qi and even wrote a biography of him and Bai Qi, titled, ShiJi: Biographies of Bai Qi and Wang Jian. He is also closely tied to our main character, Li Xin, in actual history when it comes to his greatest achievement, which was magnified by Li Xin’s loss earlier. There are loads of information about him so here goes…

From ShiJi: Annals of Qin Shi Huang:
十一年,王翦、桓齮、杨端和攻邺,取九城。王翦攻阏与、橑杨,皆并为一军。翦将十八日,军归斗食以下,什推 二人从军取邺安阳,桓齮将。
11th year(of Zheng’s rule), Wang Jian, Huan Yi and Yang DuanHe attacked the region of Ye, capturing 9 castles nearby but not Ye itself. Wang Jian attacked E Yu and Liao Yang, absorbing their armies into his. During the 18th day of the campaign, from within the soldiers who were paid less than 100 “Dan”(a unit used to calculate salary), he chose 2 out of every 10 men to stay, sending the rest home. He then ordered Huan Yi to capture Ye and An Yang.

18th year(of Zheng’s rule), a large army was formed to invade Zhao. Wang Jian took command of the army in Shang Di and attacked Jing Xing. (Yang) Duan He commanded the army of He Nei and Qiang Lei attacked Zhao. Later, Duan He surrounded the Zhao capital of Han Dan with his troops.

19th year, Wang Jian and Qiang Lei captured the remaining lands of Zhao, capturing the king of Zhao.

二十年,燕太子丹患秦兵至国,恐,使荆轲刺秦王。秦王觉之,体解轲以徇,而使王翦、辛胜攻燕。燕、代发兵击 秦军,秦军破燕易水之西。
20th year, Crown Prince Dan of Yan was worried about Qin’s threat and sent Jin Ke to assassinate the king of Qin. After Jin Ke’s failed attempt, he body was ripped apart as punishment. The king of Qin then sent Wang Jian and Xin Sheng to attack Yan. The states of Yan and Dai formed an alliance to resist Qin’s rampage but they were defeated at the west of the Yi river.

21st year(of Zheng’s rule), Wang Ben attacked Jing(a castle in Chu). Meanwhile, the king sent reinforcements to Wang Jian’s army which helped him capture the Ji, the capital of Yan and killing Crown Prince Dan of Yan in the process…….Wang Jian was ill and officially retires.

二十三年,秦王复召王翦,彊起之,使将击荆。取陈以南至平舆,虏荆王。秦王游至郢陈。荆将项燕立昌平君为荆 王,反秦於淮南。
23rd year(of Zheng’s rule), King of Qin summons Wang Jian and appointed him general again, appointing him the commanding general to invade Chu. He captured Ping Yu and the King of Chu. Xiang Yan, appointed Lord Chang Ping as the king of Chu and had him rebelled against Qin at Huai Nan.

24th year(of Zheng’s rule), Wang Jian and Meng Wu attacked Chu, killing Lord Chang Ping and forcing Xiang Yan to commit suicide.

25th year……Wang Jian conquered the area of Jiang Nan(south of today’s Yangtze river), forcing the king of Yue to surrender, setting up a new county for Qin, the Hui Ji county.

Source: http://baike.baidu.com/history/id=44821349

In ShiJi: Biographies of Bai Qi and Wang Jian, most of the information were largely similar to the ones found above in ShiJi: Annals of Qin Shi Huang, with more details on how he wanted 600,000 soldiers to invade Chu as opposed to 200,000 soldiers Li Xin wanted. For more information on this, refer to the second post of this thread here under “3)Unification War: Invasion of Chu”

From ShiJi: Biographies of Bai Qi and Wang Jian:
始皇闻之,大怒,自驰如频阳,见谢王翦曰:“寡人以不用将军计,李信果辱秦军。今闻荆兵日进而西,将军虽病 ,独忍弃寡人乎!”王翦谢曰:“老臣罢病悖乱,唯大王更择贤将。”始皇谢曰:“已矣,将军勿复言!”王翦曰 :“大王必不得已用臣,非六十万人不可。”始皇曰:“为听将军计耳。”於是王翦将兵六十万人,始皇自送至灞 上。王翦行,请美田宅园池甚众。始皇曰:“将军行矣,何忧贫乎?”王翦曰:“为大王将,有功终不得封侯,故 及大王之乡臣,臣亦及时以请园池为子孙业耳。”始皇大笑。王翦既至关,使使还请善田者五辈。或曰:“将军之 乞贷,亦已甚矣。”王翦曰:“不然。夫秦王怚而不信人。今空秦国甲士而专委於我,我不多请田宅为子孙业以自 坚,顾令秦王坐而疑我邪?”

王翦果代李信击荆。荆闻王翦益军而来,乃悉国中兵以拒秦。王翦至,坚壁而守之,不肯战。荆兵数出挑战,终不 出。王翦日休士洗沐,而善饮食抚循之,亲与士卒同食。久之,王翦使人问军中戏乎?对曰:“方投石超距。”於 是王翦曰:“士卒可用矣。”荆数挑战而秦不出,乃引而东。翦因举兵追之,令壮士击,大破荆军。至蕲南,杀其 将军项燕,荆兵遂败走。秦因乘胜略定荆地城邑。岁馀,虏荆王负刍,竟平荆地为郡县。因南征百越之君。而王翦 子王贲,与李信破定燕、齐地。

A brief summary of these 2 paragraphs about Wang Jian right after Li Xin’s failure and before Wang Jian’s invasion:
Qin Shi Huang was furious after Li Xin’s loss in Chu. He then went to look for Wang Jian again, hoping to have him lead the army to invade Chu. Wang Jian insisted that he needed 600,000 men for this campaign, which the king agrees. On his way out of Qin, he repeatedly wanted Qin Shi Huang to reward him with lands, mansions and money. Later, one of Wang Jian’s men asked him why he wanted those things when he could easily earn them through war. Wang Jian replied that by doing so, it will make Qin Shi Huang trust him with this large army as it will give him the impression that all Wang Jian wanted was money and not a be king himself.

During the invasion of Chu, Wang Jian refused to attack the Chu army and concentrated on fortifying his fortress. Enjoying himself within the fortress and had meals with his men. The Chu armies were restless as they camp near the Qin fortress, taunting the Qin army on a daily basis wanting to end the war asap. One day, Wang Jian asked what games his men were playing. His men replied that they are having a contest on who could throw rocks the furthest. With this, Wang Jian decided that his men were ready to attack. Meanwhile, after failing to challenge the Qin army on a direct confrontation, the Chu army retreated east. Just as they were ready to leave, the Qin army attacked the Chu army, taking them by surprise and resulted in the death of Lord Chang Ping, suicide of Xiang Yan and the fall of Chu.

Source: http://baike.baidu.com/view/135165.htm

3. Interesting stuff
Mentioned in the manga and history, Wang Jian seems to resembles Bai Qi, exceling at building fortresses and luring the enemy into them and also sowing discord between the generals and kings when he could not seize a swift victory, forcing the stalemate to end(As seen in the battle of Chang Ping for Bai Qi and the final Zhao war for Wang Jian). However in history, Wang Jian probably learnt his tactics from not only Bai Qi, but also Li Mu after he defeated him. The strategy he used in his invasion of Chu was very similar to the one used by Li Mu against the Xiong Nu tribe at Yan Men where he fortified his castle and wait for the perfect chance to attack and wipe out the enemies in 1 single attack.

Wang Jian’s move of wanting rewards just before his invasion to Chu was a good move as Qin Shu Huang was always suspecting his subjects. By declaring that the only thing he want is wealth, Qin Shi Huang’s could then trust him with nearly the entire country’s army, without any worry of a military coup.

Wang Jian has yet to show his true capability in the manga so some of you might be disappointed with him now. However, i think that the author is trying to focus more on the other generals who will die/disappear later and giving him lesser focus until the unification war starts in about 10+ years time, when Wang Jian will go on a rampage on the 6 states(well technically only 3 but yeah you get my point)…

There was no mention on anything about Wang Jian before the 11th year of Zheng’s rule. There was also no mention on whether he worked under Meng Ao as a vice general in the past so we can safely conclude that Wang Jian working for Meng Ao before his death was imagined by the author.

There might be more stuff about Wang Jian though but these are what i can find and think of at the moment.

Kan Ki/Huan Qi

Bonus Picture, just because he is my favourite character in Kingdom so far:

Kanki in Kingdom Guidebook 2

1. Name
In the manga:

Japanese pronunciation: Kan Ki
Chinese pronunciation:Huan Qi

In history:
Chinese: 桓齮
Chinese pronunciation: Huan Yi

Having the same reason as Ouki/Wang Qi, the second word of his name, a rare word in Chinese, do not have a pronunciation in Japanese so it was changed to a similar looking word in the manga.

2. Activities in history
ShiJi: Annals of Qin Shi Huang:
十一年,王翦、桓齮、杨端和攻邺,取九城。王翦攻阏与、橑杨,皆并为一军。翦将十八日,军归斗食以下,什推 二人从军取邺安阳,桓齮将。
11th year(of Zheng’s rule), Wang Jian, Huan Yi and Yang DuanHe attacked the region of Ye, capturing 9 castles nearby but not Ye itself. Wang Jian attacked E Yu and Liao Yang, absorbing their armies into his. During the 18th day of the campaign, from within the soldiers who were paid less than 100 “Dan”(a unit used to calculate salary), he chose 2 out of every 10 men to stay, sending the rest home. He then ordered Huan Yi to capture Ye and An Yang.

13th year(of Zheng’s rule), Huan Yi attack Ping Yang of Zhao, killing general Hu Zhe in the battle together with 100,000 men……October, Huan Yi attacked Zhao again.

14th year(of Zheng’s rule), Huan Yi captured the castles of Ping Yang and Wu Cheng.


Battle of Fei:
The battle of Fei was the first loss that Ying Zheng tasted during his rule. After capturing Ping Yang and Wu Cheng, the Qin army was marching towards the Zhao capital of HanDan. Li Mu was summoned back from Yan Men and ordered to defend Zhao from the Qin invaders. Leading his men from Yan Men, he met up with the HanDan army at YiAn, constructing fortresses and refuse to face the Qin army, waiting for the best chance to strike(similar to the tactic Li Mu used against the Xiong Nu at Yan Men). Wanting to end the battle quickly, Huan Yi led most of his men and attack the castle of Fei Xia nearby. With most of the Qin army out of their camps, Li Mu attacked the Qin camp with half of his army and forced Huan Yi to return. When Huan Yi returned, he was fighting a losing battle as Li Mu coordinated a pincer attack using half of his army currently stationed at Qin camp and the other half from the fortress. Huan Yi manage to escape with a handful of his men and fled. This victory over Qin also earned Li Mu the title of Lord Wu An.

There were no more records on Huan Yi after the Battle of Fei and this led to the assumption that Huan Yi left Qin to escape the punishment of losing a war. Combining this information with the mysterious, highly wanted man named Fan YuQi, who appeared later in history and voluntarily offered his head to Jin Ke as a pass to assassinate the king of Qin. With this many people linked Huan Yi to Fan YuQi. I will try to write what i think regarding this matter in the next section. It is a controversy much like the Wang Yi/Wang He controversy mentioned in the Wang Yi thread.

Source: http://www.360doc.com/content/11/052…20236389.shtml

3.The Controversy
Note: Black text below is the controversy brought up in actual history.\
Red text below is Hara’s take of this controversy in the Kingdom universe.

It was recorded that Huan Yi “奔还” after his loss in the Battle of Fei in Zi Zhi Tong Jian, a history book written in the Song dynasty around 1000 years after Qin dynasty. 奔 is translated as “run” while 还 is translated as “return” so i will interpret it as Huan Yi DID return to Qin after his loss. My guess is he was either executed or was demoted to a farmer as punishment as there were no other records about him after this. However, Zi Zhi Tong Jian was a book written 1000 years after the event, so the accuracy is questionable. There wasn’t any records of Huan Yi returning to Qin or escaping to Yan from the historical records before this.

Now let’s look at Fan YuQi. Nobody knows who he is and why is he a highly wanted man in Qin. All we know is that he was took in by Crown Prince Dan of Yan and was so highly wanted by Qin that it made Qin Shi Huang, a king who suspects almost everyone, trust a random ambassador from Yan and allowed him to see him in court.

It is understandable why people linked Huan Yi to Fan YuQi as their seem to fit very well together, one disappearing suddenly and the other appearing suddenly for no reason later. However, according to some research that some people did, Crown Prince Dan took in Fan YuQi around the 17th or 18th year of Zheng’s rule while Huan Yi lost the Battle of Fei in the 14th year. There is at least a 3 year gap in between. So what happen to Huan Yi/Fan YuQi during the 3 year gap?That is if they are even the same person at all.

As we can see from the evidences above, we cannot conclude that Huan Yi is Fan YuQi unless we have more evidence to prove it otherwise. Anyway, from the context of the manga, judging from Huan Yi’s character, I highly doubt he will voluntarily offer his head to Jin Ke if the author do decide to let him be Fan YuQi. We shall see whose head Jin Ke will bring in the future of the manga.

Edit: It has been confirmed that Huan Yi and Fan Yu Qi are 2 different characters in the manga. Fan Yu Qi in the Kingdom universe is confirmed to be Hanoki, the general who took part in Rao Ai’s rebellion. He will later escape to Yan and offer his head to Jin Ke to assassinate Sei. Kanki’s fate after his defeat is unknown.


One thought on “Ou Sen/Wang Jian and Kan Ki/Huan Qi

  1. here is my random theory:

    I think he is Karin’s brother. At some point (I forgot which chapter), it was mentioned that Karin (Chu’s great general) was searching her missing brother. I think they have similar traits. Both of them are general who use their brain instead of brawn. Kanki’s past is still unknown right now. But maybe after his defeat from Riboku, he will left Qin and join Chu…


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