Useful Kingdom Websites

There are many useful Kingdom websites around the internet and some of them are not in English. I will list some here for and you can just take a look even if you don’t understand the language. I might add more in the future.

Turnip Farmers  and Sense-Scans
Main scanlator for the English version of Kingdom. Kingdom’s popularity in the English world would not exist without them. Do visit them for the latest English chapter and thank them for their efforts if you wish to.

Chinese Kingdom Forums
The Chinese people call it “tieba”(贴吧), it is quite similar to the reddit  we know in the English world where there are many sub-forums within it, Kingdom being one of them. This is where all the latest Chinese scanlation of Kingdom are usually posted. Many vital information(such as interviews, release date of Kingdom games etc.) can also be found there with all sorts of general discussions related to Kingdom. Since i do understand Chinese, I will usually check out the forums on a regular basis and update the English community, both here and mangafox, if there are any noteworthy information posted there. If you love hitting F5 while waiting for the latest Chinese chapter of Kingdom to be out(usually between Saturdays and Tuesdays), this is the place to visit. You can also visit other sub-forums using the search bar there but you do need to type in the Chinese name of the sub-forum to find it.

Kingdom Subreddit and Kankoku Pass section of Millennium Forums

Interact with fellow English speaking Kingdom fans! Post and make new friends in the Kingdom subreddit and forum! While the Kingdom community outside of Japan may not be as big as the other major mangas, there are still many hardcore fans like you and me!

Kingdom Wiki

If you simply need information and don’t want to read my long wall of analysis text/translation on Kingdom or want to find something that you can’t find here, Kingdom wiki page is the place to go.

Official Kingdom Guidebook
Wonder how strong each and every character in the Kingdom universe are? Want to know more about Kingdom from the author’s perspective? The official guidebook contains all the answers…except no one has translated it into a non-Japanese language so you will need to understand Japanese to understand most of the contents…

Kingdom Fanart and Anime pictures
Contains nice Fanarts and screenshots from the Kingdom anime for some of the more important characters. You can check it out if you need some pictures for your wallpaper. And yes…Kingdom had 2 seasons of anime…though I will advice you not to watch it as the animation don’t do the manga justice as they probably used up all their budget on the seiyuu cast (google the anime if you are interested).

Hara Yasuhisa’s Twitter

Mr Hara Yasuhisa’s own twitter where he updates his personal status and tweet Kingdom related stuff. It is in Japanese though so you might need some form of translation to understand.


2 thoughts on “Useful Kingdom Websites

  1. I feel like all of Pixiv is a great site for Kingdom fans. There’s so much beautiful art and funny comics – while the comics are all in Japanese (I believe it’s Japanese, I cant quite tell so there may be Chinese as well) from what I’ve seen, but most give the basic idea and joke through the images. I’ve found art of some of my favourite minor characters who I intially thought there was genuinely no art of. The users are all talented artists, but one of my personal favourites is the user @kamu .


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