Kingdom one-shots

While the main story of Kingdom was translated largely by Turnip Farmers, I did translate 2 of the Kingdom one-shots with the help of a small scanlation group in the past. These one-shots provided the backstory of 3 of the Kingdom side characters, Ri Boku/Li Mu, Mou Bu/Meng Wu and Shou Hei Kun/Lord Chang Ping. If you are interested, do feel free to check them out.

Li Mu: Mangafox / Mangarock / Kissmanga

Meng Wu and Chu Zi (Spoilers): Mangafox / Mangarock / Kissmanga

*Note: I used the Chinese names of the characters instead of the Japanese names. Li Mu is Riboku, Hai Yin is Kaine, Meng Wu is Moubu and Chu Zi is Shouheikun’s real name as Shouheikun(Lord Chang Ping in Chinese) is a title given by the king.


2 thoughts on “Kingdom one-shots

  1. are there any other place where I can read the oneshots? For some reason, I can’t get access to them on botato and mangafox. thanks


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