Kingdom Guidebook 2

Welcome to the Kingdom Guidebook 2 section! The guidebook contains stats of Kingdom characters up to the end of the Rao Ai rebellion arc.

Kingdom Guidebook 1 can be found here.

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Disclaimer: My understanding of Japanese is limited to the Kanji and some Katakana. Some of the translated text from below, especially those from the character’s pages, may not be accurate.

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First few pages of the guidebook, the “Kingdom Color Gallery”, is dedicated to full color picture published in the first pages of the various chapters over the years. This is followed by a glossary of Kingdom characters.


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The next section of the prologue is a recap of the story so far, from the very first Seikyo rebellion to the end of the Coalition arc.

Chapter 1 “The new Qin historical records”

Ch1.1) A more detailed recap of the coalition invasion arc happening in 241BC and the events happening in the Kingdom universe up till the death of Shushinkun of Chu and the beginning of the Kokuyou battle. Random pages below:


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Ch1.2)”Karyo Ten’s Kingdom Seminar 1″
A bonus section featuring Ten educating the readers on the history of the Era of the Warring States(451BC -238BC) in China. This section briefly lists down the important events of this era with some explanation.



451BC: The establishment of the “Three Jins”.
This was essentially the event that marked the start of the Era of the Warring States. The Jin state broke up into 3 smaller states, Zhao, Wei and Han after internal strife. They were then collectively known as the “Three Jins” during the Era of the Warring States.
More info:

403BC: Zhao, Wei, and Han were recognized by the King of Zhou as one of his many dukes

359BC: The ShangYang reformation in Qin. This essentially gave Qin the foundation of a strong state by introducing a series of strict laws and reforms to the that backward Qin.
More info:

350BC: Moving of the Qin capital from the more western Yong(You) to the Xianyang(Kanyou). Xianyang was seen as the ideal capital for Qin as it was more accessible to the central plains of China while protected by natural barriers such as the Wei river and the mountains around it.

306BC: King Zhao of Qin(King Sho, Sei’s Great Grandfather) ascended the throne.

284BC: The coalition war led by YueYi(Gakuki) of Yan against Qi, resulting the near destruction of the state of Qi.
More info: and here

280BC: Tian Dan of Qi recaptured 70 castles from Yan to revive the Qi state. King Zhao of Yan passed away, Yue Yi(Gakuki) fled to the state of Zhao.
This was the origin of the famous “flaming oxen” strategy invented by Tian Dan, saving Qi from total destruction of the coalition army then.
More info:

260BC: Battle of ChangPing(Battle of Chouhei), Birth of Ying Zheng(Ei Sei).
One of the most famous battle of the era in which Bai Qi(Hakuki) buried 400,000 Zhao soldiers who surrendered alive, severely crippling Zhao.
More info:

251BC: Death of King Zhao of Qin(King Sho). King XiaoWen ascended the throne and Zichu(Sei’s father) was made the crown prince after Lu BuWei(Ryofui) pulled strings and even gave Zichu one of his women, ZhaoJi(Sei’s mother). King XiaoWen died 3 days after ascending the throne and Zichu was made the new king, King ZhuangXiang. Lu BuWei(Ryofui) was named the prime minster of Qin.

247BC: King ZhuangXiang dies. Ying Zheng(Ei Sei) ascends the throne.

246BC: War between Lian Po(Renpa) and Yue Sheng(Gakujou) in Zhao. Renpa exiled to Wei. It was recorded that Lian Po, one of the most heroic general of Zhao led a tragic life and was never able to return to Zhao. He later went to Chu and probably died there. Lian Po was also known to be a very good friend of Lin Xiangru(Rinshoujo, then prime minister of Zhao) and would “cut his own neck” for him if he had to.

241BC: Coalition army led by Zhao’s Pang Nuan(Houken) and Chu’s Lord ChunShen(Shushinkun) invaded Qin. The coalition army was defeated at Hangu Pass(Kankoku Pass) and turned towards Qi, who did not join the war.

238BC: Ying Zheng’s coming of age ceremony was met with Lao Ai’s(Rao Ai) rebellion. The rebellion as quelled and Rao Ai was executed. The same year, King Kaolie of Chu dies and Lord Chunshen(Shunshinkun) was killed by Li Yuan(Ri En). It was recorded that the 2 children that the Queen Mother had with Rao Ai were also executed in history.
Hara hinted that Zhao Gao(Choukou) and Fan YuQi(Hanoki) will reappear in the future.

Chapter 2 “Characters of the Era of the Warring Kingdoms”

(Do note that my understanding of Japanese is limited to the Kanji and some Katakana. Some of the semi-translated text from the guidebook may not be accurate)

Karyo Ten
Ei Sei
Sei Kyou
Rui & Hyou
Queen Mother
Qin Minor Characters Part 1
Duke Hyou
Ouki’s Lieutenants
Heki and Qin Minor Characters Part 2
Qin Minor Characters Part 3
Rao Ai

Wei Fire Dragons and Wei Minor characters Part 1
Ren Pa, 4 Heavenly Kings and Wei Minor Characters Part 2

Riboku and Zhao Minor Characters 1
Houken and Zhao Minor Characters 2
Keisha and Zhao Minor Characters 3

Rien, Shunshinkun and Chu royalty
Kouyoku and Hakurei
Chu Minor Characters

Yan, Han and Qi
Minor Characters from Yan, Han and Qi

Other Minor Characters

Historical materials


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The last page of Chapter 2 mentions some history books on the era of the warring states.

Top: Chronicles of the Lü family (Lüshi Chunqiu)

During the era of the warring states, the 4 Lords of the warring states had many “guests” in their houses who would work for their lords for food and money by using their different talents. Lubuwei(Ryofui) tried to mimic this and gathered his own “guests” to compile the Lüshi Chunqiu using their knowledge and talents. The contents of the book include the thoughts of confuciunism, taoism, legalism as well as the hundreds of other thoughts. It also include astronomy, geology and legends which are all sorted into different chapters of the book. The book is so complete and comprehensive that Lu Buwei had promised to award 1000 pieces of gold to anyone who can add a word into the book.

Bottom Left: Records of the Grand Historian (Shiji)

A history book compiled by Sima Qian who lived in the Western Han dynasty. It records the story of states and figures in different categories of chapters such as “Annals” and “Biographies”, which makes this a genre of history record based on biographies and a became a prototype of how the Chinese would record their history. As more archeological findings are surfaced, many of the records proved to be true to history while some records seem to contradict the the findings.

Bottom Left: Intrigues of the Warring States (Zhanguoce)

A history booked compiled by Liu Xiang from the Western Han dynasty. It is a compilation of stories spoken by scholars and thinkers active in the 250 years when the Zhou dynasty was flourishing up till the time when Qin unified China.

(More updates coming soon)

This page is still under construction and will be updated with the contents from the guidebook every now and then.

7 thoughts on “Kingdom Guidebook 2

  1. Reading through the Queen Mother’s page I remembered something that I’ve been wondering about and was meaning to ask of you King. Do you think it’s possible that soon we may see the return of Zhao Gao (Chou Kou) to the Qin court, now serving Sei? Since Sai Taku is dead I figured it may be a good opportunity to bring him back as a replacement for the late diplomat. Back when State of Ai was formed he was doing a tremendous job with diplomacy.


    • In the Kingdom universe, Zhao Gao was exiled to the Bashu region with all those who supported the Queen Mother and Rao Ai. According to history, these people will be pardoned around autumn this year(12th year of Ying Zheng’s rule) after this war, which will also probably mean Zhao Gao will be pardoned and return to Kanyou at this time


  2. Welcome back from the wonderland JAPAN ^^
    and thank you very much for the 2nd guidebook 🙂
    king if there’s no problem, can you tell me if there’s a missing characters stats from the last update that was posted by Gohoumei_of_Wei in mangafox or that was all of them?
    and if wasn’t could you please give me the rest as simple as. . Name: STR../ LDR../ INL..
    if you want i will give you the lest of characters that GOW posted so to make it easier. .
    i hope i’m not asking too much, i just want to update the wikia and i was looking for the guidebook desperately till now lol

    anyway you better see this if you didn’t see it yet ^^


    • Thanks for the link. That was the video I was expecting today but was not able to watch immediately due to work. I have watched it and is currently making a post about it now!
      The Guidebook project will have to be pushed back and i will only start tomorrow due to the release of this epic video.


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