Timeline of Future Kingdom Events

Original Thread in mangafox forums: Shin & co’s future campaigns… 

Credit goes to DarkLordOfKichiku

Shin & co’s future campaigns…

… Well, at least that was the question I had in my head when I made this: What Qin campaigns might Shin & co partiparticle in from hereon? So I looked up Wikipedia (and the Ultimate Thread to an extent) and started writing something that in the end ended up being something like “a somewhat more detailed timeline than the one in the Ultimate Thread”, I guess. Ah well, for figuring out which campaigns Shin & co might/will end up partiparticling in, it’s still somewhat useful. Beware of spoilers for future events though!:

239 BC:

– Sei Kyou/Cheng Jiao’s second rebellion (actually first since the one we saw at the beginning of the manga apparently isn’t recorded in history. In-verse/in the manga, this is attributed to his first rebellion being covered up by the royal faction (and I guess Ryofui/Lu Buwei’s faction didn’t want it to become too known either).

238 BC:

– Lao Ai’s rebellion (also the year when Ryofui/Lu Buwei will attempt to take the power from Ei Sei/Zheng)

– (Shunshinkun/Lord Chunshen is assassinated right after the king of Chu dies by an ambitious retainer aiming to put his own bloodline on the throne of Chu).

237 BC:

– Qin captures TanPu and YangYan from Wei.

236 BC:

– This year, two separate forces, one led by Ousen/Wang Jian and the other by Kanki/Huan Yi invades Zhao, with the result being Zhao losing 9 cities and it’s military strength deceasing.CURRENT RAW!

235 BC:

– There’s mention of a Qin-Wei invasion of Chu this year, which failed.

– (Zhao successfully invades the state of Yan for the second time in just a few years, gaining more territory in the proccess).

– (Ryofui/Lu Buwei commits suicide).

234 BC:

– This year, an army under Kanki/Huan Yi invades Zhao, defeats Zhao’s army and kills it’s commander, Hu Zhe.

233 BC:

– This year, an army under Kanki/Huan Yi crosses Mount Taihang and conquers some Zhao territories.

232 BC:

– This year, the army under Kanki/Huan Yi’s command is defeated by the Zhao army led by Riboku/Li Mu. Kanki/Huan Yi supposedly flees Qin to escape punishment for his defeat. However, Zhao’s army sustains heavy loses and is unable to take advantage of their victory and ends up retreating back to it’s own territories.

231 BC:

– (Zhao is struck by an earthquake. Zhao suffers a severe famine as a result of it.)

230 BC:

– This year, a Qin army under the command of Tou/Teng invades Han and ends up conquering it within a year.

229 BC:

– This year, three Qin armies led by Ousen/Wang Jian, Kyoukai/Qiang Lei and Yotanwa/Yang Duanhe invades Zhao from the north and south. Zhao’s army under the command of Riboku/Li Mu and Sima Shang defends against the invasion, and a stalemate is reached. The same year, the king of Zhao starts losing trust in Riboku/Li Mu, with the whole matter culminating in Riboku/Li Mu being imprisoned and later killed.

228 BC:

– In this year, upon learning that Riboku/Li Mu is no more and that less competent men are commanding the Zhao forces in his stead, the Qin army attacks and defeats the Zhao forces, and within 7 months, Zhao has been conquered. The remnants of Zhao would go on to form the minor state of Dai however.

– In the same year, a Qin army under the command of Ousen/Wang Jian makes preparations to invade the state of Yan.

227 BC:

– (Crown Prince Dan of Yan tries to have the king of Qin assassinated using the Assassin Jing Ke. The assassination ends in failure though…)

226 BC:

– Ousen/Wang Jian and Moubu/Meng Wu leads an army to attack Yan. The combined forces of Yan and their ally, the state of Dai, are defeated (and this is where our protagonist Ri Shin/Li Xin will get to truly shine). The king of Yan manages to sue for peace, and Yan is left alone without having been completely conquered (for the time being)

– Ex-nobles of the conquered Han state rises in a rebellion which is put down by Qin.

225 BC:

– An army led by Ouhon/Wang Ben first invades Chu, capturing ten cities on their nothern border (this being a precaution), then goes on to invade Wei, besieging their well-defended capital. In the end, Ouhon/Wang Ben triumps because of his ingenuity and Wei is conquered by Qin.

224 BC:

– An army under the command of Ri Shin/Li Xin and Mouten/Meng Tian invades Chu. However, various factors – including the betrayal of Shouheikun/Changping, the Chancellor of Qin – causes the invasion to end up in a failure and the invasion force has to retreat from Chu after sustaining large losses.

– Later the same year, Ousen/Wang Jian and Moubu/Meng Wu leads a new army to attack Chu. Wang Jian defends firmly against the army of Chu and manages to launch a surprise attack on the army of Chu when said army’s about to retreat, defeating it.

223 BC:

– This year, Qin conquers the capital of Chu and what is left of Chu as well.

222 BC:

– This year, Ousen/Wang Jian and Moubu/Meng Wu leads their forces to attack the Wuyue region, conquering it.

– In the same year, Ouhon/Wang Ben and Ri Shin/Li Xin invades the minor state Dai and what remains of the state of Yan, conquering both of the small and weak states.

221 BC:

– In this year, Ouhon/Wang Ben and Ri Shin/Li Xin invades the state of Qi. By taking a route that allowed them to go around Qi’s army, they made it directly to the capital of Qi, where the King of Qi choose to surrender without a fight.

– With Qi’s fall, China was finally united… For the time being.


Corrections and/or information that isn’t on wikipedia for one reason or anorther are welcome (for example, there doesn’t seem to have been any campaigns in 231 or 227).

Jing Ke’s assassination ad well as other events are not Qin military campaigns, so I’ve left those within parentheses, but some of those events are probably something Shin will get involved/mixed up into as well… Sei Kyou and Lao Ai’s rebellions are similarly not purely military campaigns, but Shin will most likely be involved in quelling both of these as well. The same might be true for the Han nobles rebellion.

So, what do you think? What battles/campaigns will Shin & co partiparticle in and/or not? Haven’t given it all much thought so far, but I’m sort of doubting that he’ll be part of Kanki’s army when our favourite ex-bandit get his ass kicked by Riboku, considering that this battle meant some high loses for Qin… Then again, it could turn out that the Hi Shin Unit will be (maybe thanks to Ten’s strategic foresight) one of the few units that will end up emerging out of that battle relatively intact/unscratched…?


10 thoughts on “Timeline of Future Kingdom Events

  1. According to wikipedia, Qin managed to conquer nine Zhao cities, but didn’t advance to Handan (Kantan) that year. Why I have no idea. I wonder what Ri Boku will pull off to keep them from the capital. Knowing the author, probably something awesome.


    • The “nine Zhao cities” in the Kingdom universe are the small cities Ousen conquered prior to the siege of Gyou, releasing their inhabitants and sort of directing them to Gyou.

      I think the objective of this campaign was never to conquer Zhao entirely, but to setup a foothold in the Zhao heartlands for future campaigns. If you read how the siege of Gyou ended in history and put it in the context of Kingdom’s chain of events so far, we can infer that Qin will be running out of provisions near the end of the campaign and had to send some men home. Without more provisions and lesser men to fight, it is impossible to take down the capital anyway.


      • Hm, indeed, now that I think about it, you’re right. It makes more sense to have them just want to establish a foothold in the country. I forgot they only have 200.000 men after all, which is quite impressive, but not to a whole country; if King Toujou’s words (and the translation I follow) are to be trusted, the capital itself is guarded by half this amount. Either way, I have the feeling it won’t be just another Qin victory. I only know about this wars what wikipedia and the manga itself have taught me (and your site, of course), but even if Ri Boku’s going to loose, he’s not going without a fierce fight. Damn, my expectations to this arc are very high 🙂


  2. I wonder during the invasion of Chu instead of Shouheikun, it’s Ousen who’s going to betray them though it’s still going to fail…. but that also means someone will replace his awesome and epic rampage against the 5 states….

    PS: I did not include Zhao because Riboku is executed by the king….


  3. After reading Shin’s campaigns come much later, realized Ouhon is the best of his generation. And his pops(Ousen) is the main bad ass. And Shin and Mou ten conquering Qi is because of brains not brawn.


    • I think Mouten was the best of his generation. If you read about his life after the unification wars, he becomes pretty important.


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