Social Kingdom Project

Not sure if anyone knows about this but there was an event in 2012 where Volume 26 of Kingdom was redrawn by 1000+ participants, mostly random people, and broke the Guinness World Record of a single volume of manga drawn by the most people.

Here’s the link: (Thanks to French reader)

Here’s the original Japanese version of Volume 26 for your comparison:

Most of the panels were drawn by random people like you and me so some of the panels were quite badly drawn and some became parodies of the original(my favourite was Farmer Tou/Teng cutting wheat in the field). However, some of the panels were drawn by big names such as Inoue Takehiko(left panel in the picture), the author of Slam Dunk, and Eiichiro Oda(right panel in the picture below), the author of One Piece. The picture is kinda small but you can find the original version somewhere in the link above.

Panels drawn by Inoue Takehiko and Eiichiro Oda
Panel drawn by Masashi Kishimoto, author of Naruto
Panels draw by Masakazu Morita(Shin’s anime voice actor), Jun Fukuyama(Sei’s anime voice actor) and Rie Kugimiya(Ten’s anime voice actor) in that order. Im sure Yoko Hikasa(Kyokai’s anime voice actor) participated too but i cant seem to find her panel online.

For more panels drawn by notable artists, do visit the first and second links below.
Sources:…-kingdom-manga (Dead link)



13 thoughts on “Social Kingdom Project

  1. Hi king magax,

    First, thanks a lot for all your website (your summaries and all the information you gathered).

    I had a question, where I live, I can’t have access to the following link : I was only redirected to the home page.
    Besides, I didn’t manage to find the page for Social Kingdom on

    So I was wondering if you were still redirected to the right page by clicking on the link above ?
    Otherwise, if you knew a site where this whole project could be found ? (I mean not only some panels.)

    Thanks. And once again thanks for your website.

    A French reader. (that’s why, I may have made some mistakes…)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi thanks for reading!
      The link seems to be dead for me too even though it was working when i posted it here a few weeks ago. Will try to find another working link when i get back home in a few days time. Just stay tuned to the change log at the main page of this website.


    • Hi, apparently the full manga for social kingdom project is removed from the official Young Jump site as well as the Social Kingdom website itself so i guess it is close to impossible to find the full version of the manga now. However, there are random images floating around the internet on it. I have updated this page with the link to it and you can try to find more by googling,


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