Ko Chou/Hu Zhe



Japanese/Chinese: 扈辄

Japanese Pronunciation: Ko Chou

Chinese Pronunciation: Hu Zhe

The words on his Chinese names are pretty rarely used today, especially his surname, 扈, which i bet most people who can read Chinese(including myself) are unable to pronounce without some help from a dictionary.

2.Activities in History

While we have yet to see the face of the “Guardian Diety of the Royal Capital” in the manga yet(as of Ch529), he is sure to appear in the future, but only for a single war.

Shi Ji, Chapter 6–Annals of Qin Shi Huang

13th year(of Ying Zheng’s rule, 233BC), Huan Yi attacked Zhao city of PingYang, killing Zhao general Hu Zhe, executing 100,000 men.

2)Shi Ji, Chapter 13–Book of Zhao Aristocratic Family:

2nd year(of King YuMiu of Zhao’s rule, 233BC), Qin attacked WuCheng. Hu Zhe led his army to save the city but was defeated and he died.

As seen above, the entries are essentially about the same event in which Huan Yi/Kanki defeated him in battle, which Zhao suffered a loss of 100,000 men.

In history, Huan Yi/Kanki seems to be involved in leading the Qin army in various invasions against Zhao ever since the Zhao invasion in 235BC with Wang Jian/Ousen and Yang Duanhe/Yontawa, which is the arc happening now in the manga. Between this war in 235BC and his eventual defeat by Li Mu in 232BC, slaying Hu Zhe is probably Huan Yi’s greatest achievement in his career.


3.Interesting Facts
Interestingly, while searching for information on Hu Zhe, there seem to be another general who share the exact same name existing around 197BC during the Han dynasty. He tried to convince PengYue to rebel against Liu Bang, the founder of Han dynasty, which PengYue declined and was killed for disobeying orders of the emperor for refusing to send reinforcements to quell a rebellion.

*Note: Picture will be updated when Hu Zhe shows up in the future


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