Duke Hyou/Lord Biao



Duke Hyou in Kingdom Guidebook 2

Japanese/Chinese: 麃公

Japanese Pronunciation: Duke Hyou

Chinese Pronunciation: Biao Gong(or Lord/Duke Biao)

Biao(麃) is probably his surname or the name of his title while Gong(公) is a the highest noble rank in ancient China. His actual name was lost in history like many of the names of people in ancient China.

Activities in history
Biao is very unknown general in history. His name only appeared 2 times in ShiJi:Annals of Qin Shi Huang.

1)From the introduction of ShiJi: Annals of Qin Shi Huang
Translation:……Meng Ao, Wang Yi, Biao Gong were generals(of Ying Zheng)
This part was taken from the introductory paragraph of the chapter which introduces Ying Zheng before listing down the events that happened during his reign. These generals were 3 of the most important generals during the early years of Ying Zheng’s reign.

2)From ShiJi: Annals of Qin Shi Huang
Translation: 2nd year(of Ying Zheng’s reign), General Biao Gong led an army and attacked the region of Juan, killing 30000.
This was the first battle that Xin participated in the manga and this was also quoted by our author here

There are no other information that I can find about him, including how and when he died.

Source: http://baike.baidu.com/view/132527.htm
Other stuff:
As unknown as our favourite general Wang Yi(Ouki), it gives the author plenty of freedom to express his creativity when writing/drawing a story about him. If you have read up to chapter 325, do take note that his death in chapter 325 is completely fictitious(but pretty tear jerking nonetheless) as we have no idea how or when he even died.


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