Shiba Shou/Sima Shang




Japanese/Chinese: 司马尚

Japanese Pronunciation: Shiba Shou

Chinese Pronunciation: Sima Shang

“Si” is pronounced the same way as the “s” in “snake” or “four” in Chinese.

2.Activities in History

Sima Shang, similar to many generals of his time, had little records of his achievements in history. While not the most renowned general of his time, he had the honor to be Li Mu’s deputy. His one and only appearance, which was repeated a few times in Shiji, was during the final war between Zhao and Qin.

Shi Ji–Book of Zhao Aristocratic Family:
七年,秦人攻赵,赵大将李牧、将军司马尚将,击之。李牧诛,司马尚免,赵怱及齐将颜聚代之。赵怱军破,颜聚 亡去。
7th year of the King Qian of Zhao (229BC), Qin attacked Zhao. Great General Li Mu and and General Sima Shang were tasked to defend against the attack. Riboku was then executed while Sima Shang was stripped off his duties. (General) Zhao Cong and the Qi general, Yan Ju, was tasked to replace them. Zhao Cong was defeated and Yan Ju fled.

Shi Ji–Biographies of Lian Po and Lin Xiangru:
赵王迁七年,秦使王翦攻赵,赵使李牧、司马尚御之。秦多与赵王宠臣郭开金,为反间,言李牧、司马尚欲反。赵 王乃使赵葱及齐将颜聚代李牧。李牧不受命,赵使人微捕得李牧,斩之。废司马尚。后三月,王翦因急击赵,大破 杀赵葱,虏赵王迁及其将颜聚,遂灭赵。
7th year of King Qian of Zhao(229 BC), the King of Qin instructed Wang Jian to attack Zhao. Zhao had Li Mu and Sima Shang defend against the attack. Qin bribed Guo Kai, a minister who was liked by the King of Zhao, with gold to spread news of Li Mu and Sima Shang having plans to rebel. The king of Zhao sent Zhao Cong and Qi general Yan Ju to replace Li Mu. Li Mu refused but was captured by Zhao men and later executed. Sima Shang was also stripped off his duties. 3 months later, Wang Jian struck swiftly against Zhao and killed Zhao Cong, capturing King Qian of Zhao and Yan Ju, destroying Zhao.

Sources:赵世家 and廉颇蔺相如列传

3.Interesting Facts and predictions
While Sima Shang was not really a general that appeared multiple times in history, his participation in the final Zhao war with Li Mu could mean that he is an important general to Zhao. This also led to many Kingdom fans(including myself) predicting that he will eventually take the last of the Zhao three Great Heavens seat.

In the manga, he was offered the seat of the Zhao three Great Heavens but he refused, giving the excuse of poor health when in fact he is a powerful general who could defend against the Yan invasion of 20,000 men with just 5,000 (Ch514). The real reason for not accepting the position as the final GH is probably to remain in the fictional city of Seika, which has a supposedly very significant to him. This little teaser that Hara sensei gave us is pretty interesting as his back story will definitely be expanded upon when he is properly introduced in the future. His mysterious vibe, together with the fact that fact that his full face wasn’t shown in the manga shows his significance in the future of the story.

His appearance in the manga to defend against the Yan invasion, was not part of recorded history. In fact, it was recorded in history that Zhao attacked Yan, capturing the cities of Li and Yang. It was what led Qin to attack Zhao and captured Ye(Gyou), which is what is happening in the current arc(Qin’s campaign to capture Gyou).


7 thoughts on “Shiba Shou/Sima Shang

    • Copy/paste+edited from Ousen’s entry
      From ShiJi: Annals of Qin Shi Huang:
      十一年,王翦、桓齮、杨端和攻邺,取九城。王翦攻阏与、橑杨,皆并为一军。翦将十八日,军归斗食以下,什推 二人从军取邺安阳,桓齮将。
      11th year(of Zheng’s rule), Wang Jian(Ousen), Huan Yi(Kanki) and Yang DuanHe(Yontawa) attacked the region of Ye(Gyou), capturing 9 castles nearby but not Ye itself. Wang Jian attacked E Yu(Atsuyo) and Liao Yang(Ryouyou), absorbing their armies into his. During the 18th day of the campaign, from within the soldiers who were paid less than 100 “Dan”(a unit used to calculate salary), he chose 2 out of every 10 men to stay, sending the rest home. He then ordered Huan Yi to capture Ye while he attack An Yang.

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      • King, what is the japanese name for An Yang city? and from that annals, I think Riboku will get beaten so badly by Ousen because even the large numbers of Zhao armies from Atsuyo and Ryouyou is getting caught and absorbed into Qin army. Also I’m getting excited by how Ousen will absorb them, because Zhao people is so hateful to Qin. It implicate that Ousen is so genius.


      • I could be wrong but I dont think it was mentioned in the manga yet. It should be Anyou if I am not mistaken. According to google maps, Anyang is located slightly south of Ye(Gyou).
        On the part about absorbing armies, I am sure the manga will find a way to interpret it differently. We shall see how the war ends.


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