Go Kei/Wu Qing and Go Hou Mei/Wu Feng Ming




Japanese/Chinese: 吴庆

Japanese Pronunciation: Go Kei

Chinese Pronunciation: Wu Qing

“Qing” is pronounced as “Ching” for those who are interested in the actual chinese pronunciation.

2.Activities in History
Wu Qing seemed like a fictional character initially as his name cannot be found in Shi Ji. However, after some searching, he actually existed but we do not know whether he is a general.
From Intrigues of the Warring States(战国策), his name appeared briefly when the king of Wei wanted to offer his loyalty to Qin after Qin captured Wei’s Ning City(宁邑) in 266BC. Original text from Intrigues of the Warring States: Chapter 25, Wei Part 4as follows:
秦罢邯郸,攻魏,取宁邑。吴庆恐魏王之搆于秦也,谓魏王曰:“秦之攻王也,王知其故乎?天下皆曰王近也。 王不近秦,秦之所去。皆曰王弱也。王不弱二周。秦人去邯郸,过二周而攻王者,以王为易制也。王亦知弱之召攻 乎?”
Qin lost their war against Zhao and turned towards Wei, capturing Ning City. Wu Qing was afraid that the king of Wei will swear his loyalty to Qin and become an ally to Qin in return for Wei’s safety. He told the king of Wei that
Wei is geographically not near Qin. Wei only seem to be close to Qin because of Qin’s constant threat. Wei is also not as weak as the Wei king thinks as the 2 Zhou states(who were still alive then) were much weaker. Therefore, there is no reason for Wei to bow down to Qin.

Source: http://www.ziyexing.com/files-5/zhan…anguoce_25.htm\

The above is the only information i can find about him…so do feel free to contribute if u havw anything else.

3.Interesting Facts
According to some scholars from the Chinese forums, Wu Qing(吴庆) is actually Yu Qing(虞卿) as these 2 chinese words can be used interchangeably in the past. However, Yu Qing is an official from Zhao so my opinion is that the 2 are actually different people in history as there are no overlapping information between them. Yu Qing is famous for his plan to convince the king of Zhao to seek help from Wei and Chu in order to drive the Qin army away from HanDan, the capital of Zhao in 258BC.



Gohoumei in Kingdom Guidebook 2

Japanese/Chinese: 吴凤明

Japanese Pronunciation: Go Hou Mei

Chinese Pronunciation: Wu Feng Ming

2.Activities in History
I can’t find anything about him/her so I assume he/she is a fictional character.

3.Interesting Facts
From her character design, it is hard for us to identify his/her gender. Some say that Wu Feng Ming is a “he” while the character design seem to show otherwise. Moreover, his/her name also point towards the feminine side as “凤” literally translates to “phoenix” in Chinese. Generally, in Chinese names, “龙”(dragon) appears in a guy’s name and it’s feminine counterpart is “凤”, which is usually found in a girl’s name. This seem to suggest that Wu Feng Ming is a girl but the author did not officially state whether he/she is a guy or a girl within the story or in his guidebook.


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