Tou in Kingdom Guidebook 2

Japanese/Chinese: 腾

Japanese Pronunciation: Tou

Chinese Pronunciation: Teng

More commonly known as Governor/Treasurer Teng(内使腾). 内使 translates to the governor of the capital or treasurer of the country(do correct me if im wrong).

Activities in history
秦王赵政十四年(前233),韩王韩安请求向秦称臣。秦王赵政十六年(前231),韩王韩安献韩国南阳一带 给秦国。九月,秦王赵政派内史腾去接受韩国所献之地,任命他为代理南阳守。内史腾在南阳发布文告,抚定百姓 之心,严防不法的行为,使百姓得以安居乐业。
14th year of Zheng’s reign(233BC), Han An, the King of Han, swore allegiance to Qin. 16th year of Zheng’s reign(231BC) Han An offered the area of Nan Yang to Qin as a gift. In september of the same year, governor Teng was sent to Han to accept this gift, and was tasked to govern the area of Nan Yang. Governor Teng then ensured the people’s safety in his public announcement, and strictly banned all unlawful acts, bringing peace to the area.

始皇十七年(前230年),内史腾奉命前往攻打韩国,大败韩军,擒获韩王韩安,收缴韩国的全部土地,在那个 地方设置颍川郡(辖今河南中部及南部地)
17th year of Zheng’s reign(230BC), governor Teng was tasked to attack the state of Han, crushing the Han army and capturing the king of Han. The lands of Han were absorbed into Qin and was renamed Ying Chuan county.

1 year later, he was sent to Southern county, the lands that belonged to Chu but was captured by Bai Qi decades ago in the Battle of Yan and Yin. He governed the place well and implemented laws that benefited the people there. He became a well respected official soon after. Because of him, the Southern county prospered and later became the base for Wang Jian’s invasion Chu in 224BC.

In 221 BC, after the unification of China, Teng was appointed the governor of the capital.


Interesting Stuff

Teng, having a single word as his name and no surname whatsoever, might sound like a fictitious character the author created at first. However, he might be Governor Teng as said above even though Teng in the manga is more of a general than a governor. We shall see who will invade and destroy Han in the future to confirm this. There was also no records on how he is related to Wang Yi so we might never know if he is a loyal vice general of the Wang Yi army in history.


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