Gi Ka/Wei Jia/ Fuu Ki/Feng Ji, Shou Mou/She Meng, Chou Sou/Zhao Zhuang, Ri Haku/Li Bai, Man Goku/Wan Ji


Picture 2:

Japanese/Chinese: 魏加

Japanese Pronunciation: Gi Ka

Chinese Pronunciation: Wei Jia

2.Activities in History

Wei Jia may seem just like a random disposable character in Kingdom but he did in fact appear in the pages of history though not related to Wang Yi’s death at all.
According to Intrigues of the Warring States(战国策):
天下合从。赵使魏加见楚春申君曰:“君有将乎?”曰:“有矣,仆欲将临武君。”魏加曰:“臣少之时好射,臣 愿以射譬之,可乎?”春申君曰:“可。”加曰:“异日者,更赢与魏王处京台之下,仰见飞鸟。更赢谓魏王曰: ‘臣为王引弓虚发而下鸟。’魏王曰:‘然则射可至此乎?’更赢曰:‘可。’有间,雁从东方来,更赢以虚发而 下之。魏王曰:‘然则射可至此乎?’更赢曰:‘此孽也。’王曰:‘先生何以知之?’对曰:‘其飞徐而鸣悲。 飞徐者,故疮痛也;鸣悲者,久失群也,故疮未息,而惊心未至也。闻弦音,引而高飞,故疮陨也。’今临武君, 尝为秦孽,不可为拒秦之将也。”
Chapter 17, 4th Chapter of Chu, Envoy Wei Jia uniting China against Qin
The states planned to form a coalition army against Qin. Zhao sent an envoy, Wei Jia, to Chu to meet the Chu prime minister Lord ChunShen. He asked Lord ChunShen: “Have you appointed the general for the invasion?” Lord ChunShen replied:” Yes, im appointing Lord Lin Wu.” Wei Jia replied:” I used to love archery when i was young so i will use archery as an analogy is that ok?” Lord ChunShen replied:”Sure.”
Wei Jia:”One day, Geng Yin, a subject of the Wei king was standing on a high platform with the Wei king and they saw a bird. Geng Yin claimed that all he have to do is to pull his empty bow and the bird will fall. The king of Wei did not believe him. Later, a wild geese flew past the sky and Geng Yin did exactly what he said and the wild geese indeed died. The king of Wei ask Geng Yin how that happened. Geng Yin replied and said that from the cries of the wild geese and its flying speed, it was injured and had left its flock. Upon hearing the sound of the bow, it was afraid and tried its best to fly higher. However by doing so, its wound opened up and caused it to fall.” Wei Jia then said: “Lord LinWu was defeated by Qin in the past and he is just like the injured wild geese in the story, therefore, he is not a suitable candidate.”


For those who knows chinese, this is the story of the chinese idiom “惊弓之鸟”(The bird startled by the pull of the bow).

3.Other Stuff
Lord LinWu is actually Rinbukun in the manga. I am not sure whether the coalition invasion mentioned in the story was the one depicted in the manga as there are many coalition battles of different sizes during that time.


Japanese/Chinese: 冯忌

Japanese Pronunciation: Fuu Ki

Chinese Pronunciation: Feng Ji

2.Activities in History

Similar to Wei Jia, Feng Ji made only 1 appearance in the history book of Intrigues of the Warring States(战国策):
冯忌请见赵王,行人见之。冯忌接手免首,欲言而不敢。王问其故,对曰:「客有见人于服子者,已而请其罪。服 子曰:『公之客独有三罪:望我而笑,是狎也;谈语而不称师,是倍也;交浅而言深,是乱也。』客曰:『不然。 夫望人而笑,是和也;言而不称师,是庸说也;交浅而言深,是忠也。昔者尧见舜于草茅之中,席陇亩而荫庇桑, 阴移而授天下传。伊尹负鼎俎而干汤,姓名未着而受三公。使夫交浅者不可以深谈,则天下不传,而三公不得也。 』」赵王曰:「甚善。」冯忌曰:「今外臣交浅而欲深谈可乎?」王曰:「请奉教。」于是冯忌乃谈 。
Intrigues of the Warring States, Chapter 21, 4th Chapter of Zhao.
Feng Ji wants to see the king of Zhao and an official in court in charge of guests and formalities introduced him to the king. When Feng Ji met the king, he had his head down and cupping one hand with the other(a formality to show respect to the other party in ancient China), and hesitated to speak. The king asked what he wanted to say and Feng Ji said:
I had a friend who introduced a man to FuZi. I went to ask FuZi what problems do the man have.
FuZi replied:”The man had three problems. The first is that he love to smile at me, this is dishonor; Second, he love reason things with others but fail to praise his teacher, this is treachery;Third, he love to discuss profound ideas with people who are only acquaintances with him, this is embarrassment.”
My friend said:”No that is not the case. Smiling at others is the expression of happiness; Not praising his teacher when he talks shows that he was talking casually, and therefore do not need the kind of formality;Discussing profound ideas with acquaintances shows that he is loyal and sincere. In the past, Emperor Yao saw YuShun sitting beside a field under a tree in the wilderness, and he handed him the throne soon after. YiYin carried a cauldron on his back and wished to see Emperor Tang of Shang, and he was awarded a third class Duke(三公) before his name was even registered. If one cannot discuss profound ideas with acquaintances, then Yao wont hand over the throne to YuShun and Tang will not make YiYin a nobility.”
After listening to Feng Ji’s story, the king of Zhao said:”Very good!” Feng Ji said:”I am an acquaintance to your majesty now, but i wish to discuss profound ideas with your majesty, do you allow that?” The king of Zhao replied readily:”I am prepared to receive your teachings”. Feng Ji then proceed to have a discussion with the king.

The point of this story is to show how Feng Ji convinced the king of Zhao to discuss important state matters with him so he could provide the king with valuable advice on just the first meeting with the king as under normal circumstances, kings tend to ignore commoners they see in court and do not take their ideas seriously, unless they are students of famous teachers or had made their name known throughout the kingdom in some way(like Zhang Yi and Fan Ju).


Japanese/Chinese: 涉孟

Japanese Pronunciation: Shou Mou

Chinese Pronunciation: She Meng

“She” has a similar pronunciation to “Sherman”

2.Activities in History

Similar to the two entries above, She Meng is actually another very lesser known character in history that has his story recorded in Intrigues of the Warring States(战国策):

谓皮相国曰:“以赵之弱而据之建信君,涉孟之仇然者何也?以从为有功也。齐不从,建信君知从之无功。建信者 安能以无功恶秦哉?不能以无功恶秦,则且出兵助秦攻魏,以楚、赵分齐,则是强毕矣。建信、春申从,则无功而 恶秦。秦分齐,齐亡魏,则有功而善秦。故两君者,奚择有功之无功为知哉?”

From Intrigues of the Warring States, Chapter 18, 1st Chapter of Zhao.
(an unknown person) told Pi, the prime minster of Qi:” Do you know why the weak state of Zhao could employ the services of Lord JianXin and She Meng? That is because Zhao understands that a coalition (against Qin) is beneficial for the state of Zhao. If Qi do not participate in the coalition, Lord JianXin understand that the coalition will fail. With that knowledge, why did Lord JianXin want to harm Zhao’s relationship with Qin? In order to not harm Zhao’s relationship with Qin, he have to assist Qin in their invasion of Wei. If he could invade Qi with Chu and split the lands of Qi with Chu after that, Zhao will rise in power. If Lord JianXin and Lord ChunShen form an alliance, would they: invade Qin that is doomed to fail without Qi’s participation, harming their relationship with Qin in the process?or would they invade and destroy Qi while helping Qin destroy Wei, gaining benefits in the process?

Source: and

The above is basically a certain unknown person persuading Pi, the prime minister of Qi that Qi should form an alliance with Qin in order to prevent their own demise to the coalition army of Chu and Zhao. This is also the only mention of She Meng in history and we have no idea who he is other that he is a general/court official of Zhao.



Japanese/Chinese: 赵庄

Japanese Pronunciation: Chou Sou

Chinese Pronunciation: Zhao Zhuang

2.Activities in History

Zhao Zhuang is another character that originated from Intrigues of the Warring States with very limited information about him. From Intrigues of the Warring States:
《战国策》 卷二十一赵四:赵使赵庄合从
赵使赵庄合从,欲伐齐。齐请效地,赵因贱赵庄。齐明为谓赵王曰:「齐畏从人之合也,故效地。今闻赵庄贱,张 懃贵,齐必不效地矣。」赵王曰:「善。」乃召赵庄而贵之。
Intrigues of the Warring States, Chapter 21, 4th Chapter of Zhao.
Zhao appointed Zhao Zhuang as the general for the coalition against Qi. Qi offered some of its land in return for peace. However, the king of Zhao thinks lowly of Zhao Zhuang. Qi Ming(probably a random official of Zhao) advised the king of Zhao:” Qi is afraid of the coalition and offered land in return for peace. However, Zhao Zhuang(the leading general of the invasion) is currently not as significant as Zhang Qin(another general i assume) in your eyes. Since you are sending a less significant general to lead the army, Qi might not be threatened and will end up refusing to offer the land. The king of Zhao took Qi Ming’s advice and summoned Zhao Zhuang to court and did the necessary procedures to make him seem significant in court.


Considering that Zhao Zhuang’s story was included in the same chapter as Feng Ji’s, we can safely assume that they are from the same period of time in history. Sadly this is all we have for him as far as i can find.
Notes on Ri Haku/Li Bai and Man Goku/Wan Ji
Both Rihaku/Li Bai and Mangoku/Wan Ji are fictional characters so there isn’t much to talk about. Li Bai is a famous poet in the Tang dynasty(800+ years after Qin dynasty). Even if there is really a General Li Bai  in the era of the warring states, the information is probably buried under the tons of information on Li Bai the Tang dynasty poet. As for Wan Ji, he is probably fictional since i cant find anything about him on the net.


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