Chou Tou/Zhang Tang



Choutou in Kingdom Guidebook 2


Japanese/Chinese: 张唐

Japanese Pronunciation: Chou Tou

Chinese Pronunciation: Zhang Tang

2.Activities in History

He, much like most the 6 generals, was from the era of King ZhaoXiang of Qin. His talents probably stand between Meng Ao and the Lord Biao in the manga since we do not get to see much action from him.
From ShiJi:Annals of Qin(note:different chapter from ShiJi:Annals of QinShiHuang)
49th year(of King ZhaoXiang’s rule)……October, General Zhang Tang attacked Wei. His vice commander, Cai Wei, abandoned his castle and surrendered it(probably to Wei). Zhang Tang returned and slayed Cai Wei.
五十年十月,张唐攻郑(应为邺),拔之……十二月……龁攻邯郸,不拔,去……即从 唐拔宁新中,宁新中更名安阳。
50th year(of King ZhaoXiang’s rule), October, Zhang Tang successfully captured the castle of Ye……December, Wang He failed to take HanDan and left……Zhang Tang captured XinZhong and renamed it AnYang.

The full story:
These events happened during the Siege of HanDan, after the Battle of Chang Ping. 49th year, October, to prevent Wei from sending reinforcements to Zhao, Qin sent Zhang Tang to attack Wei to keep them busy in. However, Bai Qi refused to participate in the Siege of HanDan and was force to commit suicide in December of the 50th year, indirectly resulting in the failed attempt to capture HanDan. Wang He left and instructed part of his remaining army to join Zhang Tang in the attack of XinZhong.

From ShiJi:Biographies of Chu LiZi and Gan Mao

秦使张唐往相燕,欲与燕共伐赵以广河间之地。张唐谓文信侯曰:“臣尝为秦昭王伐赵,赵怨臣,曰:‘得唐者与 百里之地。’今之燕必经赵,臣不可以行。”文信侯不快,未有以强也。甘罗曰:“君侯何不快之甚也?”文信侯 曰:“吾令刚成君蔡泽事燕三年,燕太子丹已入质矣,吾自请张卿相燕而不肯行。”甘罗曰:“臣请行之。”文信 侯叱曰:“去!我身自请之而不肯,女焉能行之?”甘罗曰:“大项橐生七岁为孔子师。今臣生十二岁于兹矣,君 其试臣,何遽叱乎?”于是甘罗见张卿曰:“卿之功孰与武安君?”卿曰:“武安君南挫强楚,北威燕、赵,战胜 攻取,破城堕邑,不知其数,臣之功不如也。”甘罗曰:“应侯之用于秦也,孰与文信侯专?”张卿曰:“应侯不 如文信侯专。”甘罗曰:“卿明知其不如文信侯专与?”曰:“知之。”甘罗曰:“应侯欲攻赵,武安君难之,去 咸阳七里而立死于杜邮。今文信侯自请卿相燕而不肯行,臣不知卿所死处矣。”张唐曰:“请因孺子行。”令装治 行。
Summary: 244 BC(~3rd year of Zheng’s rule), Lu BuWei wanted to attack Zhao in order to expand Qin’s territory. He decided to form an alliance with Yan to attack Zhao from both sides. He wanted to send Zhang Tang to Yan to negotiate the alliance. Zhang Tang refused as it is impossible to go to Yan without going through Zhao, which has a big bounty on Zhang Tang’s head. Gan Mao, who was only 12 and was serving under Lu BuWei then, offered to try to convince Zhang Tang. Using his sharp tongue(will skip the details on how he convinced Zhang Tang), he manage to convince Zhang Tang to make his trip to Yan.

This was not mentioned in the manga but i doubt the alliance was successful as there were no major battles between Qin and Zhao that year. And no, as far as i know, the Qin-Zhao battle in which Wang Qi died was made up by the author as there were no mention of it in both Annals of QinShiHuang and Zhao Aristocratic Family chapters of ShiJi.

This was the last entry in history that Zhang Tang was mentioned in and we have no idea how he died in actual history, which is a fact the author made use of to kill him in the 6th arc.

3.Comments and stuff
Zhang Tang didn’t appear much in ShiJi nor in the manga. However, he is still more well-known than some other Qin generals in history. If you have no idea who he is yet(even after looking at the picture), don’t worry as he will appear in the manga soon and pull of some stunt with Huan Yi in the alliance invasion arc.


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