Mou Gou/Meng Ao

Mou Gou/Meng Ao


Mougou in Kingdom Guidebook 2


Japanese/Chinese: 蒙骜

Japanese Pronunciation: Mou Gou

Chinese Pronunciation: Meng Ao

2.Activities in History

Meng Ao, the father of Meng Wu and the Grandfather of Meng Tian and Meng Yi. Meng Ao was from the state of Qi. His ancestors were low ranked officers in the state of Qi. He migrated to the state if Qin during the era of King ZhaoXiang of Qin. He participated in many battles with the barbarians to the north-west of Qin and with the neighboring states during the era of King ZhaoXiang and King XiaoWen and was promoted to the rank of general. During the era of King ZhuangXiang(Zheng’s father), he was repeatedly appointed as the commander in multiple campaigns against Han, Wei and Zhao.

Historical Records:
Meng Ao first appeared in the first year of King ZhuangXiang of Qin.
庄襄王元年……使蒙骜伐韩,韩献成皋、巩。秦界至大梁,初置三川郡。二年,使蒙骜攻赵,定太原。三 年,蒙骜攻魏高都、汲,拔之。攻赵榆次、新城、狼孟,取三十七城。
Translation: 1st year of King ZhuangXiang……ordered Meng Ao to attack Han. Han offered the castles of Gao and Gong in exchange for a truce. Qin’s borders expanded east towards DaLiang(capital of Wei), and named their new territory SanChuan county. The next year, Meng Ao was ordered to attack Zhao, capturing the castle of TaiYuan. Third year, Meng Ao attack Wei’s Gao Du and Ji, successfully capturing both castles. Later, he captured 37 castles in Zhao, including Yu Ci, Xin Cheng and Lang Meng.

Wei’s general, Wu Ji, led an alliance army and attacked Qin. Qin was forced to retreat back to the other side of a river. Meng Ao was defeated.
1st year of King Zheng, there was a rebellion in Jin Yang. Meng Ao was tasked to stop the rebellion.
3rd year, Meng Ao attacked Han, capturing 13 castles. (mentioned in the manga)
5th year, General Meng Ao attacked Wei, capturing 20 castles, including Suan Zao, Yan, Xu, Chang Ping, Yong Qiu, Shan Yang. (Battle of Shan Yang, 5th arc of manga. Though in actual history, his opponent was not Lian Po.)
7th year, General Meng Ao died while attacking the castles of Long, Gu, and Qing. After his death, his soldiers turned back and attack Ji before returning home to Qin.

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3.Interesting Stuff
From his achievements, he dont seem like a mediocre general to me. There was also no mention that Huan Yi and Wang Jian worked as his vice generals so that was probably made up by the author.

Meng Ao died while attacking the castles of Long, Gu and Qing in Wei during the 7th year of Zheng’s reign. There are a some false information around the internet stating that he was killed by Pang Nuan, which was a plot taken from the novel “The States of Eastern Zhou”. However, there were no records on who actually killed Meng Ao so this could be the scenario in Kingdom. Some said he was killed during Cheng Jiao’s second rebellion, which is not true as that happened only after his death, during the 8th year of Zheng’s reign.
Edit: Meng Ao died in Chapter 386 of the manga from illness.


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