Yotanwa/Yang Duan He and her men

Yang Duan He



Tajifu(top) and Shunmen(bottom)
Japanese/Chinese: 杨端和Japanese Pronunciation: Yo Tan WaChinese Pronunciation: Yang Duan He

“He” is pronounced as the same way as “her” instead of “hee”

Activities in history
Records taken from ShiJi: Annals of Qin Shi Huang
9th year(of Zheng’s rule)……Yang Duan He attacked the castle of Yan Shi(of Wei)……

11th year(of Zheng’s rule), Wang Jian, Huan Yi, Yang Duan He attacked the area of Ye in Zhao, capturing 9 castles……

18th year(of Zheng’s rule), a large army was formed to invade Zhao. Wang Jian took command of the army in Shang Di and attacked Jing Xing. (Yang) Duan He commanded the army of He Nei and Qiang Lei attacked Zhao. Later, Duan He surrounded the Zhao capital of Han Dan with his troops.

Source: http://baike.baidu.com/view/1553989.htm#sub10324462

Interesting Stuff
Like many of the females in this manga, the real Yang Duan He in history is probably a man instead of a woman as women are rarely seen on the battlefield then. The reason for this “sex-change” is probably because the author needed more females in the story to slightly balance the gender ratio in this male-dominated manga.

As we can see, the 3 lines of texts are all we can find about him in history so there are no evidences showing that Yang Duan He was from the mountains(or even the king of the mountain folks) and had made a pact with Qin so Yang Duan He being the mountain king was probably from the author’s imagination. This was probably made up to show that Qin were in friendly terms with the mountain people and recruited many of them into their army for war.

Since the real Yang Duan He was not from the mountains, captains Bajio and Tajifu from the manga are obviously fictional characters. Their names are in Katakana(Japanese alphabets) instead of Kanji(words borrowed from or looked like Chinese characters) so we can be very sure that they are not real. This is also true for all other characters in the manga who do not have Kanji names.

Despite Yang Duan He and his/her men being mostly fictional, the story about Duke Mu of Qin offering wine to the 300 mountain folks who ate his horse is actually a true story(or at least it was recorded in history). If you do not know the story(or forgotten about it), do refer to Chapter 16 of the manga.


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