Sho Bun Kun/Lord ChangWen and Heki/Bi




SBK in Kingdom Guidebook 2

Japanese/Chinese: 昌文君

Japanese Pronunciation: Sho Bun Kun

Chinese Pronunciation: Chang Wen Jun(Lord ChangWen)

Kun/Jun(君) here is actually a suffix while Chang Wen is his title and not his name(much like Chang Ping Jun a.k.a Lord Chang Ping which will be touched on later). His real name is probably buried deep in history and we might never find that out.

2.Activities in History
Lord ChangWen,like many of the characters in Kingdom, is not a very well-known character in history and his name only appeared once in ShiJi: Annals of Qin Shi Huang which was about his participation in quelling Lao Ai’s rebellion.

From ShiJi: Annals of Qin Shi Huang:
Original text: 九年……王知之,令相国昌平君、昌文君发卒攻毐。
Translation: 9th year(of Ying Zheng’s rule)……Upon the king receiving the information(of Lao Ai’s rebellion), he ordered chancellors Lord ChangWen and Lord ChangPing to take command of the Qin army and quell Lao Ai’s rebellion

3. Random Comments
Similar to Xin and Qiang Lei, Lord ChangWen’s lack of recorded information gave the author plenty of freedom to make him a more dynamic character in Kingdom.



Heki in Kingdom Guidebook 2

Japanese/Chinese: 壁

Japanese Pronunciation: Heki

Chinese Pronunciation: Bi

His Chinese name is pronounced the same way as “be”, having the literal meaning of “wall” in Chinese.

2.Activities in History
Bi is almost non-existent in history and his simple name misled many people into thinking that he was a fictional character. His only mention in ShiJi was during Cheng Jiao’s second rebellion and that mention not might not even be referring to him.

From ShiJi: Annals of Qin Shi Huang:
Original text: 八年……将军壁死……
Translation 1: 8th year (of Ying Zheng’s rule)……General Bi died……
Translation 2: 8th year (of Ying Zheng’s rule)……the general died on the (castle) wall……

3.Interesting Stuff

Depending on how you interpret the text, the general here might or might not refer to Bi due to “Bi” having the meaning of “wall” in Chinese. However, I personally think that the author interpreted the text according to my first translation as I think it wasn’t a coincidence that we have a character with the exact same name as the one mentioned in ShiJi. Either way, we should find out the answer in the next 100-200 chapters(of the raws) or so.
NOTE: Hara Sensei decided to interpret that line of text as “the general died on the (castle) wall” as we can see from the conclusion of the Tonryu arc.


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