Kou Shou/Hou Sheng




Japanese/Chinese: 后胜

Japanese Pronunciation: Kou Shou

Chinese Pronunciation: Hou Sheng

2.Activities in History

Hou Sheng is more or less similar to Guo Kai when it comes to causing the eventual downfall of Qi.
As an important court official in Qi serving the last king of Qi, Hou Sheng was constantly bribed by Qin to dissuade King Jian of Qi from helping the other 5 states in any way. This was part of Qin’s unification strategy of “Allying with distant and invading the near”(远交近攻) as Qi was the furthest state from Qin. With Qi bribed, Qin could deal with its neighboring states without fearing that Qi would interfere. Finally, when the other 5 states fell one by one, it was too late for Qi and they had no choice but to surrender.

Source: http://baike.baidu.com/view/870410.htm

3.Other Stuff
Similar to Yao Jia and Guo Kai, Hou Sheng will play an important role in the future. However due the lack of records about him, it is up to the author to decide whether he will include the bribery part in the manga. Due to how Qi fell to Qin in the end, we might not see him as much as Guo Kai in the future.


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