Ch479 Summary

Ch479: Bihei’s Cry

-Bihei was crying at a corner after being expelled from HSU.
-Earlier, he tried to ask Kyokai for help to explain to Shin that this is all a misunderstanding. However, Kyokai picked up the bracelet and immediately thinks that Bihei is one of the pillagers.
-As Shin wants to continue to stop Kanki from burning the villagers, Kanki said that there is nothing left to burn.
-Bihei is frustrated that despite all his efforts to fight in HSU, many times almost losing his life and this even lost his brother, now he is expelled from HSU just for a bracelet. He plans to return to the village
-Bihei thinks he is just an ordinary man, unlike Shin who has great ambitions or Kyokai who has unique abilities. It is hard for him to survive till today and he is just expelled for a bracelet. He seems adamant to return to the village to enjoy a peaceful life as a farmer.
-Meanwhile, some of Kanki’s men were nearby, criticizing Shin for being a coward who speaks of unification which he can never attain. Bihei is angry and rushes to them for a brawl, defending Shin.


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