Ch480 Summary

Ch480: Bihei and Hi Shin unit
-As the brawl continues between Bihei and some of Kanki’s soldiers, Naki arrives to stop them.
-The soldier involved claims that he is from Raido’s unit and will crush whoever opposes him. Naki proceeds to break his neck while his is blabbering. He then warn the others that he will kill whoever challenges him.
-In HSU’s camp, Kyokai us treating Dennyu’s injuries, who informs Kyokai that Bihei is unconscious after a brawl with Kanki’s men and was sent back to HSU’s camp by Naki. Shin is also currently attending to Bihei.
– As Bihei wakes up, Shin tells Bihei that he once stole food from a civilian’s house near the front lines. He was a 300-man commander then and was separated from his men. He was injured and hungry when he saw a house nearby.
-There were food on the table but no one was in the house. It seems that the owners ran away in a rush. Shin ate the food and felt great despite the fact that they had already turned bad.
-The same thing happened half a year later but Shin did not feel good eating the food this time and he seems to understand something.
-Shin recalls his words with Hyou when they were young, speaking of the glorious days as Great Generals. However, they did not speak of the dark side of the battlefield. Shin thinks that by taking Kanki’s path of becoming a Great General, even if he does become one, he will not be happy.
-Shin wants to become a general that he spoke of with Hyou, and he wants HSU to be that unit as well.
-Bihei knows that HSU is different from Kanki’s men as there is no emptiness in HSU. HSU do not need to plunder villages for satisfaction and men from HSU follows the leader’s dream willingly.
-The Qin took half of Day 5 to settle their internal discord while the Zhao fortifies the central hill they took.
-Meanwhile, Kanki and the Saki clan prepared a gift for the Zhao…


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