Ch445 Spoilers

Ch445 Spoilers:
Shin getting ambushed and Zhao capturing the hill.

Will update again when more spoilers/full Korean chapter appears.

Update 1:

Full Korean chapter out!

Hill captured by Zhao while Shin and co. are distracted by the ambush


16 thoughts on “Ch445 Spoilers

  1. Very impressive that instict kicked in at the very last moment and saved Ten’s ass too. Very happy that shin did not one KOed that lieutenant , instead got smashed against the tree. It is fine like this. Truly. After his duel with Houken and Gaimou I thought there would be no one in new generation who rose up from ranks recently like him to challenge Shin’s strength but great general level warriors. It would obviously be absurd for monsters like him not to appear in other states. Then I thought there is Ouhon but as an ally, Yoku but unlikely to confront soon, Futei who got his asswhoopping like yesterday. So I needed men like Batei who not just with only wits but with brawn too could rival Shin. I know Shin was in a disadvantegous situation , he was mounted but Shin was on foot , appeared out of nowhere , probably Shin had to cover for Ten, and got right back at him. But hey, Shin coughed blood and that poor tree got smashed into pieces which proves Batei is not some hugeass feeble character introduced with the purpose to croak in one arc. Although Shin is on backfoot right now , occasions like this will make Shin formidable later on when he becomes general and does his own battles and wins overhelming victories . Such dire situations is what prepares ground for much later grand victories so that noone can give voice to words like “he was expected to be victor for he is the main character “. And lastly , noone ever asked where is Kai who I expect will save the day . She may lie in ambush or strike Batei unit from blind spot swiftly and pincer them between Shin and her unit. Overall , Shin will not be one to shine this battle .


    • now that you pointed out shin won’t shine that’s a problem now as shin has to achieve something great to be promoted to general if that doesn’t happen then he’ll remain a 5000 man commander still

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      • Rest assured ,man . I told the battle not the war. Like the case with Gaimou. He blundered losing Ten meaning he lost first round but afterall he won the match. I read your previous comments and you seem pretty anxious as to why Shin got ambushed right from the start and started campaign losing the hill. If he had won all his wars without shedding sweat , would not that be laughin matter. I mean he is not Kanki , to win battlles with turning tables , slaying significant figures and making us jump with excitement even then he must sacrifices great portion of his army. On the other hand , Shin does not know strategy , but a little “spider sense” which he cannot control freely, his only redeeming feature is his monstrous strength and leadership which is useless in guerilla warfare but helped him to take on and then counter Batei and after he tried to rally his men but seems like the hill was already lost. As you see he did lose but not that badly. Any other guy in his place would already have his head rolling. Now try to simulate his first duel against Houken where he almost lost his life. Imagine Shin did slay him in Bayou and I ask you would that be even satisfying ,I know there would be an instant hype but you then would question author’s sanity because Shin no way in hell had enough experience ,strength , and ‘weight’ to accomplish that feat. Even the stabbing and slashing in the face in Sai was a fluke but supported with fact that Shin had gained enough weight and Houken had his arm injured and was overconfident which led him to those wounds. So Shin needs to lose first then struggle and after accomplish his missions , maybe slay one commander or two, and in the process gain precious experience and weight so that in next arc he can struggle less to win or fight against much stronger enemies . In the distant future so as to win overhelmingly against monster enemies he needs to crawl in the mud first so that his victories can be legit and believable.


      • shin would still have struggled even if he caughted that hill and remember we don’t know the size of army that he has encountered and by assumption shin has already lost 1000 men from the ambush


    • I would not say Shin lost 1000 men, for the ambush was a distraction to take the hill and meant to target vanguard to slay Shin. But they failed to accomplish that so don’t worry .


  2. what dose not kill you , make u stronger .

    this chapter is so so so damn great . It reveals the battle levels on many ways the soldier quality , tactic the field as every one knows.
    This war, in my opinion is unique . All the previous war , a gap between the generals and the lieutenant power , but this is different .

    write now this war can not be predicted . yah it is Qin win , but the winier card is still mystery.

    waiting for the next 5 chapters it will show the golden cards of this battle in the two sides

    can any one help way the mangafox has not yet activated my membership ?

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  3. i agree with Retired General the more shin struggles the stronger and better he becomes look at the Battle of Kankoku Pass & Battle of Sai he was pushed to the brink and he was made stronger by the hardship plus a easy fight is not very enjoyable i am talking about the fire dragons


  4. It’s just a glance of the chapter 6 of at least 16 pages, also it seems that zhou lieutenant’s strong even Shin couldn’t kill him. .

    To be honest i like how the events goes, and i actually want this war to be an extremely hard to win for both Kanki and Shin. .

    and thanks king.

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    • retired general do always like shin to struggle to get the next promotion as its been the case since him having to get the 1000 man commander which had restrictions for him to get


      • Oh sorry i didn’t mean it like that 🙂
        I want to see Shin and Kanki struggling because of the entertainment <– i want to enjoy it you see 😉

        So more struggle and strategies, tactics, ambushes and of course "duels" the more i enjoy reading this manga. .

        To me there's only three wars until now that i consider them "epic"
        1.Battle of Dakan Plains
        2.Battle of Bayou
        3.Battle of Kankoku Pass & Battle of Sai
        the rest are normal or bad.


      • I’ll just say this is my most worst chapter in kingdom and it would be entertaining to see ambushes,tactics and strategies changing but not this early now in the war with shin atleast later a bit


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