Ch545, Ch546 and Kingdom Guidebooks

Hi guys, sorry for the lack of update over the last 2 weeks. I figured I should do a post to update anyone still following me since I was away in Japan for a vacation over the past 2 weeks and have little time to do any update here.

While I was away, Ch 545 and Ch546 was released in English so I don’t think I need to summarize them now. If anyone is still interested in a summary, do feel free to comment and I will do a summary after i catch up with these 2 chapters later today or tomorrow. Otherwise, feel free to read the english scanlated chapters here and here.

While I was in Japan, I finally found and bought the first Kingdom Guidebook at a local book store! Here’s a picture of it(left) with the second Kingdom Guidebook(right) I bought 2 years ago.

(I apologize to any Ouhon and Mouten fans for dirtying their faces on the cover page of Kingdom Guidebook 2 on the right :P)

The contents of Kingdom Guidebook 1 can be found here.
For the character stats, you can still refer to them but they are mostly outdated since the release of the second Guidebook.
The Questions and Answers section after the stats page answer some key questions to Kingdom and Chapter 6 “Another Kingdom” detailing the initial concept of Kingdom characters seems particularly interesting and I might do up a post on them soon.
There is an dialogue section between Hara Yasuhisa and Yasuhiko Yoshikazu at the end; if anyone knows Japanese and wishes to help with the translation, please to inform me!

The contents of Kingdom Guidebook 2 can be found here. Most of the pages are “translated” by me, with my really crappy Japanese understanding so feel free to point out any mistakes. I am also stuck at the interview sections at the back of the Guidebook so once again, if anyone wishes to help me out with that, please inform me!

I might disappear again in the middle of the February for the lunar new year celebration but I will try to update as soon as I am back!

Update: Kingdom is on a break next week. Spoilers for next chapter should be out around 12 Feb.


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