Ch539 Summary

Ch539: Opponent of the Battle
-The second day of the war ends after the clash at the right wing.

-At the end of the second day, Riboku plans to go to Gyouun’s battlefield (I am not sure Gyouun is a Zhao general or the name of a place)

-Batei seems frustrated by the Qin army’s strategy as the Qin army has tried to minimize combat with the Zhao forces who has the advantage. This was the plan of Mouten as he used a “soft” approach to deal with Batei’s “hard” approach.

-At the right wing, Ouhon’s return was warmly welcomed by Akou’s men as they realized how amazing Ouhon was that day on the battlefield. Even though they did not manage to take the head of Bananji, they were able to reduce the Zhao fighting strength significantly.

-Akou also appeared and praised Ouhon. Both Ouhon and Akou expects Riboku to do something significant the next day and they are planning to have a war council that night after Ouhon has treated to his wounds.

-Meanwhile at HSU, Bihei is frustrated that both Ouhon and Mouten are doing something significant in the war while they are just there doing close to nothing at the middle battlefield. The rest of the HSU members are also arguing and blaming each other for their lack of achievements so far. Shin is angry and hit Den Ei in the face.

-Shin wants his men to wait for the opportunity but is obviously also angry and starts to kick the table and blaming Ousen.

-While they were arguing, Ten informs them that dinner is ready. The soldiers realize that there seem to be lesser food in their bowl than usual for their dinner today. While they did receive 3 days worth of food from Ousen, it is expected that Makou’s death will result in a longer war, which mean they will have to limit their food consumption.

-Meanwhile at Ryouyou, a messenger has appeared at Heki’s tent to report about their provisions on fire.

Chinese translation thanks to 夜之焰痕 as usual.

Kingdom could be on a break next week (NOT CONFIRMED)


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