Kingdom Guidebook 2: Chu Minor Characters

Chu Minor Characters

From R-L, T-B:

Strength: 80
Command: 80
Intelligence: 90
Note: Ugly Narcissist

Strength: 99
Command: 91
Intelligence: 88
Note: Head that looks like a crab

Strength: 93
Command: 85
Intelligence: 85
Note: Hakurei’s sworn brother

Strength: 85
Command: 87
Intelligence: 88
Outfit: Appears stiff

Strength: 80
Command: 86
Intelligence: 89
Note: Name…..(can’t translate)

Top half of page, from R-L, T-B:

Strength: 2
Command: 85
Intelligence: 90
Alive or dead? Is he dead after Moubu’s attack?

Roukin, Kaen

Koutoku, Kyobou, Hakusui, Kouen


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