Kingdom Guidebook 2: Ri En, Shunshinkun and the Chu royalty

Ri En

Historical information of Rien

Strength: 70
Command: 88
Intelligence: 95
Gap with Shi Ji: 99

Basic information:
Slayer of Shunshinkun and assumed the position of Prime Minister

A vassal of Shunshinkun who married his sister to King Kouretsu (King Kaolie) of Chu and attained power as an external relative of royalty. After the death of King Kouretsu, he had opposing opinions with Shunshinkun on who should ascend the throne next. Rien wanted to protect his sister who had a son with fake royal blood so he had Shunshinkun killed. After this, Chu’s political strife ended and 2 temporary prime minsters, Karin and Rien, rose to power.


(Bottom right)
Historical information of Shunshinkun
Strength: 70
Command: 90
Intelligence: 98
Weakness: Assassination

King Kouretsu (bottom left top)

Brother of the king (bottom left -> bottom right)

Rien’s sister (bottom left -> bottom left)


2 thoughts on “Kingdom Guidebook 2: Ri En, Shunshinkun and the Chu royalty

  1. Hey King, I just want you to confirm something. With Chunshen dead, none of the Four Lords of The Warring States should be around anymore where the manga is right now, is that correct?


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