Ch535 Summary

Ch535: (missing title)
-As dusk approaches, the battle between the Qin and Zhao mountain folks halted and both return to their respective camps for now. Yontawa is pissed about that battle.

-At Kanki’s camp, Kanki and his men are enjoying a horse meat meal outside Gyou, cooked from the horses killed in battle.

-Kanki asks his men how they feel about the war on the first day. Raido says that if Riboku or someone approaches with a huge army it would be impossible to them to hold the defensive lines, which Maron agrees.

-Over at Ouhon’s camp, the news of Makou’s death and how it happened has been spread around by the officers. While Kanjou thinks that Makou’s death is a big psychological blow to Ousen, Ouhon disagrees as he rebutted that to Ousen, losing Makou is just like losing a pawn and someone from the main army could easily replace him. Ousen is just an emotionless person who keeps his cool and think of his next step to achieve his goal. Kanjou still seem worried as they need a competent commander for the left wing against the troublesome Kisui.

-Over at the left wing camp, Makou’s officer thank Mouten for saving them in the battlefield and vowed to avenge Makou tomorrow.

-While Makou’s officers are confident that Ousen will send a replacement commander tonight.

-(some pages seem to be missing here)

-Mouten seem to be rejecting the officers call for him to lead them again the next day as he was just lucky today and with his lack of experience as a general combined with the lack of knowledge of the strength of Makou’s army, it is a dangerous attempt to lead the army against Kisui.

-A messenger from the HQ arrives at the camp.

-(some pages seem to be missing in the middle)

-The messenger continues to read the message, emphasizing that the battle at the left and right wing will affect the result of the entire war. As 5000-men commander does not qualify to command an entire army in this war, Ousen is using his special authority as a commanding general to temporarily promote Mouten to the rank of “General” to take full command of the left wing.

-Back in Ousen’s camp, Ousen thinks that Mouten is able to observe the entire battlefield just like Riboku and himself despite his young age. He also predicts that the focus of the second day will be on the right wing where Ouhon is.

Credits to 夜之焰痕 from tieba for the Chinese translation.

Edit: Ouhon is at the right wing, not left


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