Kingdom Guidebook 2: Ri Boku and Zhao Minor Characters


Historical information of Riboku

Strength: 91
Command: 99
Intelligence: 100
Frequently targeting something


Basic information:
One of the 3 Great Heavens of Zhao who rallied the coalition army.

A general who excels in strategies. He is able to go against generals who excels in combat with his strategies in his past battles. After the battle at Bayou, he was promoted to prime minister and is in charge of both the internal affairs of Zhao and external diplomacy. He is also in charge of important military missions. In order to stop Qin’s unification ambition, he gathered the armies of various state to form a coalition army which started a war that shook the entire China.

Origins 1: Led a separate army, aiming to take down Kanyou

After the death of Chu great general Kanmei, it is hard take Kankoku Pass and thus he led a seperate force to take Kanyou directly. As the Qin army pursues them, Houken defeated Duke Hyou. They were forced to fight a battle at Sai, the final line of defense before Kanyou.

Origins 2: His loss at Sai resulted in him losing his position as prime minister

As the coalition army lost the war, he was relieved of his duties as the prime minster. He was sent to a small city near the Zhao-Wei border and was restored of his position as prime minster just before the Zhao attack on Tonryu.

From R-L, T-B:

Strength: 84
Command: 86
Intelligence: 83
Likes Riboku!

Strength: 90
Command: 85
Intelligence: 87
Aiming for 3 Great Heavens and Kaine

Strength: 83
Command: 85
Intelligence: 85
Note: No teeth

(no stat listed)

Strength: 20
Command: 75
Intelligence: 83
Note: Important character*

*nice little hint by Hara for his future role

Strength: 65
Command: 78
Intelligence: 90
Spy: 99



5 thoughts on “Kingdom Guidebook 2: Ri Boku and Zhao Minor Characters

    • Youka is a spy sent to the Zhao court by SBK. He is one of the many vassals of Kakukai but he reports any movements by Zhao to SBK in Qin. He is the person who gave Kakukai the idea to send RIboku to a faraway land in Zhao after his failure at the coalition war.


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