Kingdom Guidebook 2: Kei Sha and Zhao Minor Characters 3


Historical information of Keisha

Strength: 88
Command: 90
Intelligence: 91
Silent Hunter

Basic information:
The instinct general who Riboku puts heavy trust in

A general who can defeat Riboku in mock battles frequently. He is calm and is able to observe the flow of the battle and set traps for the enemy, which earned him the nickname of “Silent Hunter”. He excels at defending before launching counterattacks to beat his enemies which is a type of instinctual general that many fears.

Origins 1: The commander for the Zhao army during the coalition invasion

He faced Duke Hyou during the coalition invasion. Against Duke Hyou who is able to sense even the slightest change in the battlefield, he ordered Rihaku to not use any strategy and hold his ground. He then took the chance to attack the back of Duke Hyou’s army to seal off his movements.

Origins 2: Commander of the Zhao army for the war at Kokuyou Hills

He led his elite troops against the combined army led by Kanki’s lieutentants Raido and Zenou. Just like a spider, he spread his web and led his enemies to his nest. Then, he cut off the enemies from each other before trapping them and chasing them.

From R-L, T-B:

Strength: 86
Command: 90
Intelligence: 90
Love for Rigan: 100

Strength: 84
Command: 88
Intelligence: 92
Loyalty to Kisui: 100

Strength: 85
Command: 83
Intelligence: 80
Grim Armor

Strength: 90
Command: 85
Intelligence: 80
Loyalty to Kisui: 99

Strength: 82
Command: 85
Intelligence: 84
(can’t translate the long text here…)

Strength: 86
Command: 87
Intelligence: 82
Shouts: Boutsu(??)

From R-L, T-B:

Shika, Shunmen, Koushou

Shikei, Tenfu, Toukan, Shunbeikun

Beitoukou(Count Beitou), Mankan & Mankou, Gouran, Gouki


2 thoughts on “Kingdom Guidebook 2: Kei Sha and Zhao Minor Characters 3

  1. I’m not usually one to pay much (if any) heed to those stats but I’m honestly surprised how good of a stats General Maikou has. Guess this wasn’t the last time we’ve seen him.


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