Kingdom Guidebook 2: Go Hou Mei

Go Hou Mei

Historical facts of Gohoumei

Strength: 60
Command: 89
Intelligence: 98
Inventing a new invention

Basic information:
A general from Wei who excels at strategies

Go Kei, one of the 7 Wei Fire Dragons, is his father. He is a talented general of Wei and was sent to many wars as the commanding general of the Wei forces. He makes up for his lack of skill in hand to hand combat with his strategies to deal with the strength of the Qin generals. He invents siege weapons and his inventions even surprises Riboku.

Origins 1: Participating in the coalition invasion as a Great General of the Wei army

He participated in the coalition invasion as a great general of Wei. He attempted to break the defenses of Kankoku pass with his inventions of the siege towers and siege crossbows. Kanki destroyed one of his siege towers ???, ignited one side of Kankoku pass, ??? (can’t quite translate the last part)

Origins 2: Defending Choyou with the Wei Fire Dragons

He is the commanding general of the battle against Qin to defend Choyou. The king of Wei was persuaded to send the 3 Wei Fire Dragons to the battlefield. Ouhon’s strategies manage to breakthrough their defenses to reach their headquarters resulting in their retreat.


2 thoughts on “Kingdom Guidebook 2: Go Hou Mei

  1. Hey King, is one of the latest additions to Go Hou Mei’s army- Ran Bi Haku (Luan Mei Po) a fictional character or a historical one by any chance? He seems pretty interesting and is apparently pretty strong so I figured he might have been briefly mentioned somewhere, but then again he might just be to Go Hou Mei what Batei is to Ki Sui- a guy deployed whenever srength is needded.


    • He is a fictional character added by Hara probably to give Wei some generals in the future to resist Qin. He was working under Reiou but with Reiou’s death now i guess he could be under GHM’s command in the future


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