Kingdom Guidebook 2: Qin Minor Characters Part 3

Qin Minor Characters Part 3

The following 5 pages contains Qin minor characters. I will only translate the names of characters with stats. If you are interested to know the name and information of any other characters, do comment below and I will drop you a reply.

Top Right
Strength: 86
Command: 88
Intelligence: 88
Sent away from Ousen’s army

Middle left
Strength: 84
Command: 85
Intelligence: 85
A hidden talent

Top Right
Strength: 86
Command: 86
Intelligence: 85
Ambition: 90

Top Left:
Strength: 78
Command: 77
Intelligence: 82
A huge problem with his personality

Middle Left
Duke of Juuteki:
Strength: 90
Command: 92
Intelligence: 85
A famous ruler of the Juuteki

Top Right
Strength: 70
Command: 78
Intelligence: 79
Responsibility: 100

Top Left
Strength: 81
Command: 83
Intelligence: 85
Assist: 90

Bottom Right
Strength: 84
Command: 83
Intelligence: 78
Note: Skinhead

Bottom Left
Strength: 86
Command: 78
Intelligence: 84
Caution: Has the habit of ???(cant translate)

Top Right
Strength: 70
Command: 70
Intelligence: 68
Bucktooth: 100

Sai Militia



7 thoughts on “Kingdom Guidebook 2: Qin Minor Characters Part 3

    • Sosui and En are lieutenants/deputy commander
      Gakurai and Garo doesn’t have a rank
      Denyuu, Hairou, Kyogai, Ryuusen are 100-men commanders
      Bihei, Takukei, Shosa, Denei, Suugen, Chuutetsu, Ryuuyu, Roen and Seki are 10-men commanders
      Bitou, Kyouji, Sanka, Yuugi, Batsuken, Bunketsu and Hou are 5-men commanders

      The rest of the HSU members do not have their ranks listed in the book


    • Here’s what the book wrote about him:
      The general from the state of Ai who leads the rebellion army.

      He is the general who commands the rebel army of the Ai state gathered by the fake royal seal. He is crafty and is able to manipulate soldiers in the ragtag group of men in the army to effectively train and march them. With the help of Ryofui, he is able to attack Kanyou but was stopped by SHK and co. Hanoki then retreated and went into hiding.


  1. Quite disappointet of Rikusen, seeing Chapter 533 and Moutens words about him seemed like he was stronger than just 84?! He seems to be the number two in the Gaku Ka Unit and for that hes overall to weak. Compared to the Hi Shin Unit that have like probably 5 stronger fighter than Rikusen.


    • Do note that this book was published at the start of the Kokuyou arc, before Rikusen had showed his ability as the number two of Gakuka unit. It would be weird at that time to see him with overly high stats when he didn’t do anything significant yet. I think the “hidden talent” stat that Hara gave Rikusen was a hint to his ability. Either way, the stats in the book is meant purely for reference and sometimes don’t really make much sense.


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