Kingdom Guidebook 2: Mou Ten

Mou Ten

Historical information of Mouten

Strength: 89
Command: 88
Intelligence: 91
Women loves him

Basic information:
The Qin general who has the talents of his father, Moubu.

Grandson of great general Mougou and son of Moubu. He has a laid back personality and has a talent in combat. Mouten, Shin and Ouhon are reserves for the new generation of generals. His family background is similar to that of Ouhon’s and he dare not speak to his father.

Origins 1: An anchor in determining the result of the battle with Ouhon and Shin

During the coalition war, he was part of Tou’s army with Ouhon. He was appointed as a temporary 5000-man commander. In order to defend their own headquarters from Karin’s attacks, he flanked the enemies by using his cavalry to attack the back of enemy units.

Origins 2: Rushed into the battle by himself to save his father.

He rode to Moubu’s battlefield to chase after the 700 men that Karin sent there. He went into the duel between Moubu and Kanmei and was struck by Kaen. Kanmei was slain but he was seriously injured.


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