Ch534 Summary

Ch534: The end of the day
-After securing the two rallying points, the morale of the Qin army was restored
-While the Qin headquarters was empty with Batei just ahead of it, Mouten predicts that Batei will not attack the headquarters as Makou is not there anymore, making the attack pointless.
-As predicted, Batei went for one of the two rallying points, the point where Shin is. The motive is to avenge Ryuutou.
-Kyokai was smart enough to not fight Batei’s army head on and instad chooses to lure them more to the right side, away from the main battlefield. This means that Batei cannot turn back easily to assist Kisui as turning back would mean having their backs towards HSU.
-With HSU having half of the unit dealing with Batei, Kisui knows that giving the enemy too much of a breathing space would result in Riboku’s effort of killing Makou being minimized. He led his own men towards where Mouten in order to stop the Qin army from reviving.
-Rikusen led half of his men to rendezvous with 3000 men from Gakuka unit as well as the rest of Mouten’s men to face Kisui.
-The day ends with Kisui retreating and Makou’s army having more men surviving than expected.

Translated from the Chinese summary done by 夜之焰痕 from the tieba forums


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