Kingdom Guidebook 2: Ouki’s Lieutenants

Ouki’s Lieutenants

This page is on the 5 lieutenants under Ouki and Tou. Each of them have been through countless battlefields and serve as valuable generals for Qin. From L-R, T-B

Strength: 82
Command: 88
Intelligence: 92
Personality: ???(can’t translate)

Strength: 91
Command: 89
Intelligence: 82
Tou’s ???(can’t translate)

Strength: 87
Command: 88
Intelligence: 85
Weakness: Arrow shot from a distance

Strength: 86
Command: 86
Intelligence: 82
Likes ??? (can’t translate)

Strength: 88
Command: 85
Intelligence: 80
Weakness: Sudden Attack


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