Kingdom Guidebook 2: Heki and Qin Minor Characters Part 2

Heki and Qin Minor Characters Part 2

Historical information of Heki

Strength: 82
Command: 85
Intelligence: 87
Mysterious historical plot armor*

Basic information:
Rising up to the rank of general. The right hand man of Shoubunkun.

While serving under Shoubunkun as his deputy he has racked up achievements and was promoted to general. He sees Shin as a younger brother and when they were both 3000-men commander, he was worried(that Shin might outrank him). During the rebellion of the state of Ai, he was the commander of Sei’s army to quell the rebellion. He defeated Ryuu-u, the commander of the rebellion army and made the rebels retreat.

*I like how Hara-sensei acknowledges his choice of making Heki as a character in Kingdom which makes readers who read up on Shiji speculating of his death during the Tonryu arc. For more info, do refer to his Historical information of Heki.

Panel left of Heki:
Hokushu: Heki’s deputy

Bottom half of page, L-R, T-B:
Enka: A general who admires Seikyo
Shoukaku: A general who was influenced by Heki since young
Strength: 82
Command: 80
Intelligence: 80
Ryuu-u: Hokaku’s spy
Kakuun, Bajin


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