Kingdom Guidebook 2: Yo Tan Wa

Yon Ta Wa

Historical Information of Yotawa

Strength: 95
Command: 99
Intelligence: 96
The enemies shall die to her beauty

Basic information:
The ruler of the mountain tribes. King of Death within the mountains.

She is the female King of Death to the mountain tribes within the vast mountain range to the west of Qin. The realm of the mountains is so vast that there is no concept of a border for her. This aligns her ideas with that of Sei who wants to remove all borders within China.

Origins 1: Arriving at Sai to fight back the coalition army.

After the Seikyo rebellion, she went to war with the Xiongnu in the north. While fighting a war with the Banko tribe, who is one of the strongest in the north, she was informed of the coalition invasion of Qin. She then abandoned the war and arrived at Sai to aid Qin. The reinforcements from the mountain folks took the coalition army by surprise and they were defeated. Qin then thanked the mountain folks greatly after the conclusion of the war.

Origins 2: Capturing the castle of Enshi as a Qin Great General.

After rescuing Sai from the coalition army, she was awarded the nobility title of Daishouzou, a title equal to that of a Great General. Her existence was not known to most until her attack at Enshi of Wei, making her a potential candidate of the new 6 Great Generals of Qin in the future.

Minor Characters on the left page from Yotanwa’s army (L-R, T-B):

Strength: 85
Command: 81
Intelligence: 70
Rarely speaks the language of those from the plains

Strength: 91+a
Command: 80
Intelligence: 74
Popular character

Strength: 99
Command: 5
Intelligence: 32
Rarely speaks any language?

Strength: 90
Command: 72
Intelligence: 80
Likes to be stylish

Other minor Characters on the bottom left page(L-R):
Ji, Ramauji, Fuuji, Toji


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