Kingdom Guidebook 2: Kan Ki


Historical Information of Kanki

Strength: 93
Command: 94
Intelligence: 95
Demonic Eyes: 99

Basic information:
The cruel ex-bandit

He was a leader of several bandit groups before he became a general. His acts of cruelty in the battlefield has kept many enemies on their guard when facing him in battle. When he was a lieutenant under Mougou, he was compared to Ouki and has great potential. One of his many strategies includes disguising as the enemy to sneak into the enemy main camp.

Origins 1: Showing off his talents during his time under Mougou

When he was working under Mougou, he was still able to showcase his skills. With his skills, he is said to become a great general during his lifetime.

Origins 2: Battle of Kokuyou hills after the coalition invasion

After taking the head of Han general Seikai during the coalition invasion, he attacked the Wei army. Later he led a campaign against Zhao at Kokuyou hills where he joined forces with Hi Shin Unit

Minor Characters on the left page from Kanki’s army (L-R):

Strength: 82
Command: 83
Intelligence: 85
Rocket Boobs

Strength: 90
Command: 85
Intelligence: 80
He sees a baseball

Strength: 84
Command: 50
Intelligence: 5
Cuteness: 99

Strength: 80
Command: 85
Intelligence: 89
Joker Gentleman

Other minor Characters(L-R):
Taku Brothers, Choki, Naki, Rinkyoku
Horou Bain, Saki Clan, Zenou, Bain


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