Kingdom Guidebook 2: Ou Sen

Ou Sen

Historical Information of Ousen

Strength: 93
Command: 94
Intelligence: 97
Dark Ambition: 100!!

Basic information:
The mysterious general who aims to take the throne for himself

Working as Mougou’s deputy with Kanki, he had took the heads of many generals. He is shrouded in mystery and aims to take the throne for himself. This can be seen from his actions of allowing his enemies to surrender to him and work for him in his army, making him a very dangerous person. He is the main branch of the Ou family that Ouki is from and his son is Ouhon.

Origins 1: Saving Kankoku pass from disaster

He faced the Yan general, Ordo during the coalition war. He split his army in to 2 within Kankoku pass to trick the enemy. This resulted in the defeat of the Yan strike force as well as preventing the sneak attack from Karin’s forces.

Bottom right panel(L-R): Mou Ryuu, Mou Chi


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