Kingdom Guidebook 2: Mou Bu

Mou Bu

Historical Information of Moubu

Strength: 99
Command: 92
Intelligence: 86
Strongest under the heavens!

Basic information:
The strongest general of Qin in the next generation!!

Carrying the baton from his father, Mougou, he aims to become the strongest great general in China. He suggested to Sei that he should revive the 6 great generals system. He was one of the 4 pillar of Ryofui but ever since the fall of Ryo, his relationship with Ryo has been weakened.

Origins 1: Defaeted Kanmei using tactics

While famous for overwhelming the enemies in battles, he used SHK’s tactics during he coalition war and defated Kanmei of Chu. When the coalition army retreated, he pursued them from their backs.

Bottom left of the page also showed 3 of Moubu’s lieutenants, from L-R: Kenfu, Raiki, Choshi.



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