Kingdom Guidebook 2: Chou Tou

Chou Tou

Historical information on Choutou

Strength: 86
Command: 90
Intelligence: 88
Weakness: Poison

Basic information:
A stubborn old general with plenty of experience

He was one of the generals from the golden age of King Sho whose achievement was hidden beneath the shadows of the 6 great generals. His experience on the battlefield is equal to that of Mou Gou. His stubborn personality was praised by many other warriors in Qin. He had an argument with Kanki who does not believe in the concept of a state. He later acknowledged Kanki’s skills in battle and finally passed on his will to Kanki.

Origin 1: He stepped into the battlefield since the time of King Sho. The oldest general in the Qin army

He had started his career from the age of 15 and had been fighting wars for the past 50 years, holding the title of the most experienced general in Qin. He is one of the generals that Shouheikun trusts.

Origins 2: Fought Seikai during the coalition war and fell to his poison

During the defense Kankoku pass, he was struck by the poison of Seika from the Han army and knew his life is coming to and end. He then decided to join Kanki to descend Kankoku pass to strike at the enemies, abandoning the Kankoku pass headquarters. By disguising as the enemy, they manage sneak through the enemy ranks to reach Seikai, slaying him with his own hands before dying to poison soon after.



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