Kingdom Guidebook 2: Mou Gou

Mou Gou

Historical information on Mougou

Strength: 85
Command: 90
Intelligence: 91
Dislikes the 6 Great Generals*

Basic information:
Possesses certain strength in both his fists and eye for talent

Hakurou is an old general who loves to address the citizens as his close relatives. He is an ordinary general who uses strategies which are never out of the books. In order to beat Renpa, he had been sharpening his skills over the years.

Origins 1: He can finally rest in peace after many battles
He manage to steal a lucky victory against Renpa in the war with Wei. During the coalition war, he manage to defend Kankoku pass and score another victory. He entrusted the future to both Mouten and Shin before he left the world in peace.

*translation could be wrong


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