Kingdom Guidebook 2: Duke Hyou

Duke Hyou

Historical information on Duke Hyou

Strength: 95
Command: 95
Intelligence: 70
Heirloom: Barbed Shield

Basic information:
An instinctual general who can smell the scents of the battlefield

He had been in the frontlines since young and possesses the ability equal to the 6 great generals. He rejected the offer to become one of the 6 great generals and only find happiness and satisfaction in drinking after a battle. He is an example of the flames of war and is a unique instinctual general who can catch the scents of the battlefield.

Origins 1: Slain by Houken when pursuing Riboku’s forces
He was successful in reaching Riboku’s detachment unit during the coalition war but was defeated in a duel with Houken.

Gakuga(Bottom left image):
Strength: 86
Command: 83
Intelligence: 75
Duke Hyou’s lieutenant who was involved in the battle with Houken and was slain


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