Kingdom Guidebook 2: Kyou


Historical Information on Kyou

(Not listed)

Basic information:
One of the 6 great generals and the daughter of King Sho.

She started out as a servant for Ouki but her strengths begun to show as she followed Ouki into battles. She dreamed of marrying Ouki and had many military achievements under her belt to match him. She rose to become a general within a few years.

Other minor/semi-minor characters listed in this page includes:

  • Hakuki: Commander of the Battle of Chouhei(Battle of Changping), leader of the 6 great generals.
  • The rest of the 6 great generals: Kousho, Shiba Saku and Ou Kotsu
  • Duke Boku (Duke Mu of Qin)
  • King Sho (King Zhao of Qin)
  • King Sousho (King Zhaoxiang of Qin)

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