Kingdom Guidebook 2: Sho Bun Kun

Sho Bun Kun (SBK)

Historical Facts on Shou Bun Kun

Strength: 76
Command: 86
Intelligence: 92
Political Power: 95

Basic information:
Sei’s teacher and close ally

He used to be Sei’s teacher and is now his close ally. He is a strong character and is able to deal with many difficult problems in the palace. This includes the large waterworks project and tunnel project, which ended up securing him the position as the Left minister(左丞相) of the court. He assisted Sei when he was young and knew Shin since his days as a servant.

Origins 1: Both a warrior and a bureaucrat
He was a warrior during the era of King Sho with Ouki but he became a bureaucrat later. He assisted Sei since he was young and continued to assist him in the years after. As Ryofui became the Chancellor, he assumed the postion of the Left minister.

Origins 2: Setting up the frontlines during the national crisis
During the coalition war, he personally led the army in Sai with Sei. He showcased his skill as a warrior by defending the west wall of the city. He manage to defend the city until the mountan folks showed up.


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