Kingdom Guidebook 2: Ryo Fu I


Historical Facts of Lu Buwei/Ryofui

Strength: 60
Command: 90
Intelligence: 91
Achieve the ruling of China with money

Basic information:
The biggest threat to the Qin throne

He was once a merchant who manage to climb to the position of the Qin Chancellor using his wealth and intelligence. He controls the most power in Qin and fights for power with the king’s faction using dangerous methods.

Origins 1: From a merchant to the minister of Qin
Ryofui aimed to be the top merchant until he met King Soujyo in Zhao. He invested his entire wealth on him and even presented the Queen Mother to him to help King Soujyo ascend the throne successfully. He was then appointed as the Right minister(右丞相). His influence remained strong after the death of King Soujyo and had a power struggle with the king’s faction.

Origins 2: Obtaining the position of Qin’s Chancellor
He obtained the support of the Queen Mother’s harem faction and become the Chancellor of the state. In order to deal with Seikyo who was released from his prison to join the king’s faction, he staged a rebellion in Tonryu and had Seikyo killed.

Origins 3: Planning a coup during the coronation ceremony of Sei
The Queen Mother and Rao Ai founded the state of Ai while those under Ryofui waits. As the rebel army from the state of Ai invades the capital, Ryofui’s men will kill the royal family and Ryofui can become king himself.

Origin 4: Fall of Ryofui’s faction
During the attack of the rebel army, Ryofui had a talk with Sei after the coronation ceremony in a room. Their views are parallel to each other. Shouheikun himself (who was in Ryofui’s faction) went to assist in quelling the rebellion, causing the fall of Ryofui’s faction. Ryofui has yet to be trialed for his crimes and is placed in close surveillance.


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