Ch530 Summary

Ch530: The Ace Unit
-The plan to kill Kisui is to attack him from the center while Makou and Mouten are distracting him from the front and back
-Instead of trying for a sneak attack, which Shin determines that Kisui is bound to notice anyway, Shin prepares to just charge in openly and orders his men to raise the HSU flag.
-Kisui’s men notices the 600-1000 men charging towards them with the flag of “Hi”, identifying themselves as HSU
-Kisui orders a retreat to the final defensive line on the hill, which will mean that they will not be able to escape if they are surrounded.
-At this time, the remnants of Ryuudou’s men, around 200 cavalry, offers to deal with HSU
-Meanwhile at Batei’s battlefield in the frontlines, news of HSU’s attack and Ryuudou’s men defending against them has reach him. Batei is unable to assist them as he himself is barely able to deal with Makou’s attacks.
-Kyokai made short-work of the attacking Ryuudou’s men as HSU pushes on.
-Both the Qin allies at the front and back notices HSU’s appearance and starts to make the final push to Kisui himself.
-The Qin armies surrounded Kisui after breaking through their outer formations
-While someone suggests to Kisui that they should retreat, Kisui rejects the idea as doing so will mean Batei’s demise as well as breaking their current formation which is essential for their secret weapon
-At this time Riboku appeared and pierces Makou’s throat.

Credits to tieba user 夜之焰痕 for the Chinese translation

Edit: Full chapter in Korean:


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