Some updates..I am not dead…

To those who were my regular readers, sorry for not updating this site for so long. I am too busy to update the site and to be frank I have yet to read Kingdom for the past 20-ish chapters. Not sure if anyone is still reading this site but if there is, THANK YOU!!!

Here are some personal updates from me if you are interested:

I am not literally dead and I hate giving up on something I put so much effort in. I will still update the site but that will probably be some time in August when I am done with most of my work for the year. I will take a vacation from work(for the first time this year) to catch up with life and of course Kingdom.  I will do some updates when I start reading again. Not sure if you guys still want me to do summaries since it seems pointless to do so with the English chapters releasing faster than the Chinese ones and I can focus more on other history-related contents if I don’t do the summary.

I hope the hype on Kingdom is still there in the English speaking world despite my disappearance. I believe the content here, despite not being up to date, is still very relevant to Kingdom especially the “Historical facts and information of Kingdom” page. I remain passionate about Kingdom and Chinese history but the real world demands that I need to do something else to feed myself and stay alive. As much as I need to stay financially alive, I need to stay physically alive…I stopped checking this website for the past 6 months as I was too tired eveyday and would prefer not to “reignite” my passion for Kingdom, even on weekends, to prevent myself from getting enough rest the next day. FYI, I spend 1-2 hours reading, translating and summarizing every week, and much more everyday to read up on interesting stuff on Kingdom on tieba forums. I eventually lost the habit of reading weekly but will always get excited when someone around me speaks about Kingdom.

Some personal update: Outside of surviving my daily hectic work schedule, I got the chance to travel to some exotic countries in central Asia and exotic parts of China for my business trips. A couple of photos below for those interested:


I will reply some of your old comments now and will try check once in a while before August to answer your comments if possible it will not be as often as before. If you have any questions, AMA in this post and I will reply this weekend, or whenever I check back here again.


tldr: Sorry again for “being dead” the past 6 months. Will (hopefully) be back in August with more content.


King Magax


5 thoughts on “Some updates..I am not dead…

    • Thanks! Not entirely back with the all the updates you guys might be used to since I am still busy with work nowadays but I guess I can still post some replies and chat. Have yet to even catch up to Kingdom since the part where they start their blitzkrieg in the latest arc(probably 20+ chapters ago).

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    • That’s great to know! I actually came back to check because a couple of my close friends actually told me they picked up Kingdom recently. Feeling kinda guilty to not visit my site for so long so here I am again!


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